Healing Place’s Mission Empower. Heal. Educate.

Our Reflexologist, Chakra  Balancing and Reiki practitioners want to teach you how to

Empower – know, trust and believe you can self-heal by NOT giving away your healing powers.

Teach  – learn how to break the pain and illness cycle by honoring and listening to your personal needs.

Heal – activate your natural self-healing ability from your soul, spirit and cellular levels.


Our goal is to TEACH every client how they can incorporate self-healing methods into their lives to promote wellness on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our focus is to HELP our clients find quick relief from the discomfort associated with digestive disorders, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances and stress.

We are PASSIONATE about teaching our clients how alternative holistic healing can help to enhance their health and wellness.

We are COMMITTED to working with every client to realize his or her health goals.

We WORK as a team to get you on the road to good physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Our programs will address your health issues on a physical level, mental and spiritual level. The body and mind want to move toward good health when given a chance; our natural state is to tap into own ability to self-heal, but something interrupts the physical and energetic flow, and the body forgets how to heal itself.

One of the major differences between medical treatments and holistic treatments is that holistic treats the “whole” you.

It is believed for true healing to occur, we must locate the origin of our illness and address it at the soul level. How do we do this? By looking at the seeds of our health issues, we start to make conscious choices.

The power of mind-body connection – We all have beliefs. Many beliefs were programmed in us when we were small children. They can be constructive or destructive. The productive beliefs keep us motivated and moving along. The negative  ones keep us in our darkness and don’t allow us to grow energetically and spiritually.  As years go by, if we don’t address or deactivate our negative beliefs they can become seeds to illnesses.

But you can challenge your beliefs and attitudes! Your body and mind have the inner knowledge and the ability to self-heal, but it has only forgotten how. Let’s wake that part of our soul. How? The first step is being aware and believing you are making the  right choices.

You Can Do Something about Your Health NOW!

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive!