Healing Place’s Mission Empower. Heal. Educate.

Our Reflexologist, Chakra  Balancing, and Reiki practitioners want to teach you how to

Empower – know, trust and believe you can self-heal by NOT giving away your healing powers.

Teach  –  break the pain and illness cycle by honoring and listening to your personal needs.

Heal – activate your natural self-healing ability from your soul, spirit and cellular levels.


Healing Place's goal is to TEACH clients how to incorporate self-healing methods to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Healing Place HELPS clients find quick relief from the discomfort associated with digestive disorders, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances and stress.

Healing Place is PASSIONATE about teaching   how alternative holistic healing can enhance health and wellness.

Healing Place is COMMITTED to working with clients to realize his or her health goals tirelessly. 

Holistic treatments treats the “whole” you. For true healing to occur, the origin of illness must be located and addressed on the soul level. How do we do this? By looking at the seeds of health issues, and then make conscious choices to support good health.

The power of mind-body connection – We all have beliefs. Many beliefs were programmed in us as small children. They can be constructive or destructive. Productive beliefs keep us motivated and moving along while negative beliefs keep us in our darkness and fearful. As time goes by our negative beliefs can become seeds to illnesses.

Your beliefs and attitudes can be challenged! Your body and mind have the inner knowledge and the ability to self-heal, but it has only forgotten how.

Now to awaken that part of your soul. How? By being aware and have courage to take the next right choice.

You Can Do Something about Your Health NOW!

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive!