Are You Counting Your Blessings!

Are You Counting Your Blessings!Are You Counting Your Blessings!

If you are like me, you spend time at the beginning of every new year reviewing the key highlights of the last year. Many of those moments are wonderful, and some of them, painful. Remember that the painful moments are usually life lessons that we must learn. We go into ..Continue Reading

Looking for Lasting Peace? – Mindful Exercise

Looking for Lasting Peace? – Mindful ExerciseLooking for Lasting Peace? –  Mindful Exercise

Your spiritual assignment today if you choose to accept, is to be fully in your body and “be in the moment”. Be conscious of your words, thoughts and actions today. Keep a mental note on how many positive and negative thoughts you have. This will give you an idea if ..Continue Reading

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!Happy Hump Day!

Some inspirational quotes to get you through