Why are You Constipated?

Why are You Constipated?Why are You Constipated?

Nobody likes to talk  about constipation, yet the health of our bowels is pivotal to our overall health status. Anyone who has experienced constipation knows how uncomfortable it is…but could constipation be just the tip of the iceberg? In this post we will look at what the dietary and lifestyle ..Continue Reading

FREE Holiday Workshop – How To Eat Healthy for the Holidays and Help a Neighbor in Need

FREE Holiday Workshop – How To Eat Healthy for the Holidays and Help a Neighbor in NeedFREE Holiday Workshop – How To Eat Healthy for the Holidays and Help a Neighbor in Need

As a community service the Healing Place wants to help keep you healthy during the holiday rush, while also helping our neighbors in need. On December 2nd, from 7-8pm the Healing Place is offering FREE healthy eating workshop including tips and tricks for holiday cooking and parties (including our favorite ..Continue Reading

Are You Addicted to Artificial Sugars?

Are You Addicted to Artificial Sugars?Are You Addicted to Artificial Sugars?

What It Is: Sucralose is an artificial, sugar-like substance made from chemicals. It is a calorie-free alternative to sugars such as cane sugar and honey, but just like other artificial sweeteners, it may pose serious health risks. Sucralose is found in tens of thousands of processed food products sold in 90 different countries under various brand names, and has become one of the most common fake sugars utilized.

Health Risk: The studies conducted around sucralose and its effects on the body are greatly varied and inconclusive as a whole. There are many studies claiming that sucralose is harmless when low dosages are administered, but there are also handfuls proving otherwise. The problem is that the majority of research studies are funded by those who have a vested interest in the outcome (i.e., those who need to prove sucralose is safe to ingest). But when research studies are analyzed from outside, unbiased sources, major health risks are often uncovered. This corroborates what so many health experts have been seeing clinically – namely that sucralose is a dangerous food additive causing a range of issues from digestive disorders and anxiety to cancer and infertility.

What Science Says: Several studies have shown sucralose to be associated with adverse health outcomes including weight gain, metabolic disease and vascular dysfunction. It is proposed that the “missing” calories in sucralose confuse the brain-hormone reactions of the body. This causes individuals to overeat and alters their taste preference for sweet foods. In addition, it changes the way the body processes sugars and how it sends the signals of satiety (feeling full). As a result, eating sucralose can lead to weight gain, not weight loss, as well as obesity-related conditions.

In addition, studies have indicated that sucralose may cause pre-term delivery, kidney dysfunction, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, blurred vision and multiple myeloma. The most recent scientific review also determined that sucralose can affect the body similarly to pesticides and industrial chemicals. This includes reducing the number and balance of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut and causing damage and scarring of GI-tract tissue. As a consequence, the immune system is suppressed and unable to fight harmful pathogens. This can lead to an array of diseases including chronic fatigue and pain, skin disorders, impaired mental health (anxiety, irritability, depression), stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, headaches and undiagnosable conditions.

TCM note: Further research must be done on the safety of sucralose and its effects on the body. While there are studies pointing toward its safety, there are countless clinical testimonies proving otherwise. Start with this resource to see how it has affected people directly. It is always best to err on the safe side by choosing healthier alternatives.

How to Avoid It: As always, check your labels. Sucralose is found in diet sodas, energy drinks, diet juice, beverages and teas, yogurts, puddings, condiments, canned fruit, frozen desserts, chewing gum, protein powders, candies, cereals, snack foods and individualized powdered packets. It’s almost always found in any food or beverage labeled “diet,” “sugar-free,” “no added sugar,” “light,” “low-carbohydrate” or “low-calorie.”

Danger Zone: You might expect to find sucralose in diet drinks and foods, but there are other places that might be off your radar. Be diligent about looking at your favorite energy bars and drinks, sugar-free teas and hot chocolate powders, fruit juices and coffee creamers. You may be surprised to find it lurking in your froyo, sugar-free jelly, kids’ gummy vitamins, hydration drinks, flavored water and light yogurt.

Alternatives to Try: The healthiest sweeteners are those that are natural. This includes raw honey, maple syrup, molasses, coconut sugar and yacon syrup. These sweeteners also contain an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support the body’s systems and slow the release of the sugars. But if you’re looking for a no-calorie option, try organic stevia or monk fruit (luo han guo), both of which are whole-food derivatives.

Tip: Not all stevia products are created equal. Many brands over process the stevia and use synthetic solvents and harmful additives. This can cause GI disturbances such as cramping, flatulence and indigestion. Stick with organic, natural versions and use sparingly.

TCM Picks: Read about our 5 sugar alternatives here. We also love Omica Liquid Stevia Extract and Sweetfruit Drops by Dragon Herbs.

How to Lose Weight During Your Golden Years

How to Lose Weight During Your Golden YearsHow to Lose Weight During Your Golden Years

Have you noticed that your body has started to change now that you’ve hit middle age? You’re not alone.

IBS, What about IBD?

IBS, What about IBD?IBS, What about IBD?

Most everyone has heard of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but have you heard of IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease)?

All About Adaptogens: 5 Stress-Busting Herbs That Will Change Your Life

All About Adaptogens: 5 Stress-Busting Herbs That Will Change Your LifeAll About Adaptogens: 5 Stress-Busting Herbs That Will Change Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take a pill and all our worries would float away? While that might not be the case just yet, holistic health pro Elissa Goodman has a pretty close solution: adaptogens. These powerful plants are the closest thing to a “miracle cure” for stress that nature has to offer, lowering cortisol levels and giving your adrenals some much-needed TLC. Elissa and our friends at Food Matters fill us in on these stress-busing superfoods…

Your body is extremely resilient and adaptive under a variety of conditions, but it cannot accomplish the demands of whatever happens to be thrown its way without proper nutrition and physiological support. Stress and fatigue tend to be a huge struggle for just about everyone, causing detrimental effects to your physical and mental health. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can affect every system in your body like burnt out adrenal glands, overstressed digestive tract, rapid aging, anxiety, cancer, chronic fatigue, common cold, hormone imbalance, irritable bowel disease, auto-immune disorders, thyroid conditions, and weight loss resistance.

Instead of just reaching for a short-lived remedy, I want to introduce an effective, long-term alternative for your body that will increase your resistance to stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Adaptogens are a class of plants used for their healing abilities of balancing, restoring, and protecting your body as a whole – little miracles, I call them. Adaptogens were granted their name because of their distinctive ability to ‘adapt’ their function according to your body’s needs. An adaptogen does not have a specific action, nor target a certain body region, rather it benefits the body as a whole, being able to respond to any influence or stressor that it needs to.

These rejuvenating plants improve and recharge the health of your adrenal glands, counteracting the harmful effects of stress. Cells are accessed more energy and the ability to eliminate toxic byproducts of the metabolic process to help the body use oxygen more efficiently. More cellular energy in combination with boosting the adrenal glands strengthens the body’s ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and fatigue – calming you down and boosting you up simultaneously.

While prescription drugs remain in your system and influence multiple organs, once an adaptogen has completed its job, those herbs are eliminated or absorbed into the body without any side effects. Adaptogens work slowly and gently, contrasting the instantaneous gratification of the caffeine cycle, you must be patient because they work subtly but the benefits are undeniable and long lasting. Here are 6 of my favorite adaptogens:
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To read all six stress relievers, visit Food Matters by clicking through here!

Tips on how to Realistically Detox

Tips on how to Realistically DetoxTips on how to Realistically Detox

Here’s the thing: detoxing doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Your body would definitely thank you

Informative Video on Gut Health

Informative Video on Gut HealthInformative Video on Gut Health

“Your gut has been touted as your “second brain.” But, I actually choose to see it as your “first brain” with your actual brain, coming in a close second. Why? Because in order to affect the brain in your head and how it transmits messages to the rest of your ..Continue Reading

The Gut and the Doorway to Disease

The Gut and the Doorway to DiseaseThe Gut and the Doorway to Disease

Two thousand years ago Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. As it turns out, 21st century scientists are finding out that might be true.

Kombucha the Miracle Potion

Kombucha the Miracle PotionKombucha the Miracle Potion

Have you heard all of this commotion about that ancient drink called Kombucha? Kombucha was termed the “immortal health elixir”,

Could you be Suffering from a Digestive Disorder?

Could you be Suffering from a Digestive Disorder?Could you be Suffering from a Digestive Disorder?

Millions of people are living with undiagnosed digestive disorders. There are some major signs to look out for which can indicate whether or not you may be suffering from a digestive disorder.

Cultured In The Kitchen: How To Make Fermented Veggies At Home

Cultured In The Kitchen: How To Make Fermented Veggies At HomeCultured In The Kitchen: How To Make Fermented Veggies At Home

How do we love thee, fermented veggies? Let us count the ways. From top-notch gut health to vitamins by the dozen, eating fermented foods is the healthy “secret” most of us don’t even know is right under our noses (saurkraut? pickles? kimchi? yep, all fermented). It’s surprisingly simple to culture your own veggies at home. It might seem intimidating at first, but our go-to girl for healthy DIYs, Lacy from Free + Native Journal, recently hosted a fermenting veggies workshop in DTLA and she’s ready to dish on everything you need to know to acquire this wellness kitchen skill easily. Get cultured in your own kitchen…

Fermented vegetables are the ultimate superfood – they’re superior to any other one single superfood out there. Why? Because you can take that other superfood and add it to your batch of fermented vegetables and its benefits and potency increases by the hundreds. It also creates gut-healing beneficial bacteria (probiotics), and once it has been fermented, it is now predigested so it becomes a helper digestive aid, as well as making it that much easier for your digestive tract to assimilate.

I teach private classes and workshops to clients and readers in order to empower them to create their very own targeted batch of fermented vegetables. What I mean by this is that I help them to create goal-specific batches that address their exact healing or health-supported goals.

Say a client struggles with hormone imbalance and acne. Then we’ll make sure to add liver/blood-cleansing beets, and vitex (chasteberries) to help support hormone balance. The probiotics proliferated during fermentation will be the extra punch needed to eliminate acne once the gut has reestablished proper amounts of beneficial bacteria and that outweighs the amounts of problematic bacteria (which is acne causing).

I recently hosted a fermented superfoods workshop at the stunning space Communal in downtown LA. The workshop was photographed by the ever-inspiring Brewing Happiness. These are the short notes that each patron walked out with after creating their individual, specific batches that included superfoods, medicinal herbs, essential oils, seaweed and so much more.

Benefits of fermented veggies:

Re-establishes a healthy inner ecosystem, inexpensive source of medicinal probiotics daily, nourishes + helps to rebalances your thyroid, alkalizing, improves digestion, eliminates toxins, rejuvenates cells, strengthens immunity, controls sugar cravings + appetite, flattens tummy and tones body, increases vitamin count of the food immensely, enzyme rich, helps you to absorb more minerals and vitamins of the food it’s eaten with.

High-Fat Diets and your Gut Microbiota

High-Fat Diets and your Gut MicrobiotaHigh-Fat Diets and your Gut Microbiota

This recent study that was published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal showed that diets high in fat content produced changes in health and

Tips to Improving Your Digestion

Tips to Improving Your DigestionTips to Improving Your Digestion

Are you finding that your body is taking longer to digest after meals?

Preventing Digestive Disorders

Preventing Digestive DisordersPreventing Digestive Disorders

There are however some general rules that everyone should stick to in order to prevent problems

Parasites Could Be Invading Your Body!

Parasites Could Be Invading Your Body!Parasites Could Be Invading Your Body!

We all have parasites that steal from the food we eat and the supplements.  Check out this website, bit.ly/1C4enT7 to learn how to avoid and get rid of parasites that could be in your body!

The Revolution of Ancient Grains

The Revolution of Ancient GrainsThe Revolution of Ancient Grains

Quinoa, what is quinoa? It’s definitely not a fish as thought by Ben Affleck in the movie “Gone Girl”. Quinoa is categorized as what is known as an “ancient grain.” These grains have been around for thousands

Staying Healthy This Winter

Staying Healthy This WinterStaying Healthy This Winter

By Healing Place’s Digestive Wellness Coach, Katie Lamie My body has traditionally struggled with the shift into winter. Prior to re-hauling my health and becoming a certified health coach, I was often chilled to the bone and seemingly ALWAYS catching the colds passed around my office. As a result, I ..Continue Reading