Mother’s Day Tribute Poem

Mother’s Day Tribute PoemMother’s Day Tribute Poem

Most of us take our mothers for granted. (I admit I do.) We know that she is there but we may not devote as much time and attention to her as much as we want. As a conscious practice, Mother’s Day forces us to stop and think of our mothers ..Continue Reading

Recognize Your Gifts – an Inspiration

Recognize Your Gifts – an InspirationRecognize Your Gifts – an Inspiration

We all have gifts, large or/and small. Gifts are made to be shared. How you view the value of your gift is defined by your beliefs. Everyone has their own “value” definition. Many people think they have nothing to offer, but that isn’t true. We ALL have something to offer. ..Continue Reading

What is Realty? – An Inspiration

What is Realty? – An InspirationWhat is Realty? – An Inspiration

How do you define reality? In my reality, I am brilliant, crazy, smart, flexible, open, work too hard, obsessed and crazy. Did I say “crazy” twice? Years of process work has taught me that I no longer have to compete with myself, or continuously raise the bar out of my ..Continue Reading

Do You Worry?

Do You Worry?Do You Worry?

Think hard on this one, and let us know your thoughts: Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? —————– The Healing Place is a wellness educational center located in Medfield, MA. We specialize in helping people to find relief from chronic digestive issues, chronic ..Continue Reading

The Value of Quiet – an Inspiration

The Value of Quiet – an InspirationThe Value of Quiet – an Inspiration

I was recently talking to someone who mentioned that she can’t stand ‘quiet times.’ These are people who usually have to be busy all of the time. By being so busy, they avoid visiting and checking in with themselves. I appreciate and seek quiet times for regrouping, reflecting and to ..Continue Reading

Finding Your Focus Point – Energy Medicine Tip

Finding Your Focus Point – Energy Medicine TipFinding Your Focus Point – Energy Medicine Tip

Energy tip If you’re about to have a meltdown, try this tip to dissolve it quickly before it comes to a head. To find your focus point, try some deep breathing exercises. Look for a quiet spot, sit or stand, slowly breathe deeply until your belly moves. As you are ..Continue Reading

How Darkness Can Be Your Friend

How Darkness Can Be Your FriendHow Darkness Can Be Your Friend

We all live in darkness from time-to-time, but how we use the darkness as a friend to build a strong foundation is our choice. It takes time to recognize that the darkness in our lives is there to teach us life lessons. Often, these hard lessons are repeated numerous times ..Continue Reading

Have a Good Day! – An Inspiration

Have a Good Day! – An InspirationHave a Good Day! – An Inspiration

It is your responsibility to have a good day. No excuses, no “poor me”, or no “I can’t get a break”. I want you to fully embrace yourself and live your life with zest. Make this your assignment today!! Come be in the moment –  “Honor Yourself Meditation” on Wednesday, ..Continue Reading

Live Your Blessing – An Inspiration

Live Your Blessing – An InspirationLive Your Blessing – An Inspiration

Instead of counting your blessing, actively live your blessing today!! Be conscious of your essence and enjoy who you are without worry, judgment, self-doubt, or what other people think of you. Helen Chin Lui, For the Healing Place Medfield’s free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Common Chronic Digestive ..Continue Reading



The dictionary’s definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In my work I have learned to listen to clients with empathy and without judgement. My experience has come from years of practicing how to hold the energy space for clients so that they ..Continue Reading