Chakra BalancingChakra Balancing and Chakra Healing is a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of mind, body, and spirit combined as a unit.

All living materials are made of energy and matter. There are two types of energy; one measured by a traditional technology called Veritable Energy, such as the power in laser light and electromagnetics.

The second energy, cannot be measured by technology, called Putative Energy found in music, radiation, and energy medicine therapies.

In energy medicine, the body’s energy system known as chakras. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit Cakra (Hindu) meaning “wheel” or “circle” or the “Wheel of Life.” Chakras are the wheels of energy throughout the body. This unseen energy called prana, is our vital life force energy that keeps us vibrant, active, healthy, and physically and emotionally alive. All living creatures have chakras.

Energy healers work with the body’s putative energy. To balance chakras, each chakra is assessed for excessive, deficient or blockages. The primary goal of energy healers is to balance all chakras for vitality and positive energy flow.


What are the Functions of 7 Chakras?

The first chakra, known as the “root” chakra, is located in the groin area. Its color is red. This chakra is your energy center contains all of your primal and survival needs, your home, your family, and work. The organs associated with this chakra are your intestines, rectum, hips, and legs.

The second chakra, known as our “emotion” chakra, is located below the naval. Its color is orange and governs creativity, emotions, passion, and sensuality and living your life. The organs associated with this chakra are the lower gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system, bladder, pelvic.

The third chakra, known as “self-esteem or desire” chakra, is located at the solar plexus and is associated with the color yellow. Organs included in this chakra, stomach, liver, gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, spleen, and upper gastrointestinal tract.

The fourth chakra, known as the “heart” chakra, is green or rose in color. The color of love, emotion, love for others and self-love, harmony, trust, and growth. Along with the heart, the lungs and breasts are located in the fourth chakra.

The fifth chakra, known as the “voice” chakra, is located in the middle of the throat and is blue in color. This chakra governs communication and being able to speak the truth. The shoulders and arms are located with the fifth chakra.

The sixth chakra, known as the “third eye” chakra, is located between the two eyes and has the color of indigo blue. This chakra associated with intuition and psychic vision. The brain, face, nose, and eyes are connected to the sixth chakra.

The seventh chakra, located at the crown of the head, and it is the color of violet. This chakra is our connection to our “higher selves” and the “divine.” The seventh chakra does not have any corresponding organs but is related to the whole being.


Where do Chakras Live?

The seven main chakras are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are also twenty-one minor chakras throughout the body.

Chakras are living energy centers that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. Every nerve and major organs in the body are connected to chakras. Our physical, emotional and spiritual health depend on how balanced our chakras are. Our energy is consistency moving and changing, either becoming excessive or deficient throughout the day depending what is happening. The ultimate goal is to keep chakras balanced and opened for positive energy flow.

How do chakras affect us? Chakras are continuously rotating and vibrating. The activities in the chakras influence our body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical ailments, thoughts, and behavior. When a chakra becomes blocked, the energy does not flow harmoniously, or if they are too opened, the flow of energy becomes too excessive. Both excessive and deficient will cause an energy imbalance.

Every chakra has corresponding organs in our physical system. When clients come with specific health issues, our Reflexologist and Chakra Balancing practitioners can tell almost immediately which chakras are affected.

To learn more, watch the Healing Place’s video on What is Energy Medicine or Chakras?