What are Chakras? Why Do Need Them?

All living materials made of energy and matter. There are two types of -energy; the energy we can see is called Veritable Energy, such as the power in laser light and electromagnetics. The second energy, we cannot see, called Putative Energy, found in the vibration of music, radiation, and energy medicine therapies.

In energy medicine or chakra balancing, the body’s energy system known as chakras. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit Cakra (Hindu) meaning “wheel” or “circle” or the “Wheel of Life.” This energy, called Prana, is our vital life force energy that keeps us vibrant, active, healthy, and physically and emotionally alive.

There are seven main chakras and twenty-one minor chakras. The main chakras live on our spines from the groin to the forehead. The twenty-one minor chakras located throughout the body.

Everything in the universe is energy; either living beings or inanimate objects. Even our thoughts and emotions are made of energy. All living creatures have chakras and can emit energy from the body and into the body’s external energy field known as aura.

Aura is an energy that surrounds all living and items that were alive at some point, such as furniture made from trees, metal, and gems harvested from the earth and ocean. Non-living objects emit a low-energy frequency while living items emit a stronger energy vibration.

Aura has seven layers that correspond with each of the seven main chakras.
1. The first layer, closest to the body is the red root chakra – This chakra represents our primal needs, such as family, food, shelter, finances, feeling safe and grounded.
2. The second layer connects to the Orange Sacral Chakra — This chakra represents how well we can connect with our emotions and how we interact with others in a personal and business environment.
3. The third layer connects to the Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra represents our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
4. The fourth layer connects to the Green or Pink Heart Chakra. This chakra represents our ability to love ourselves and others, be joyful and have inner peace.
5. The fifth layer connects to the Light Blue Throat Chakra. This chakra represents the capacity to speak the truth. Many have learned never to share our true feelings because we don’t want to upset people or be judged. We then suppress communication and self-expression.
6. The sixth layer connects to the Dark Blue Third Eye Chakra. This chakra represents our ability to focus and see the “big picture.” If this chakra is flowing, we have the capacity to access our wisdom, intuition, imagination, and be able to make decisions.
7. The seventh layer connects to the Indigo Crown Chakra. This chakra represents our ability to connect to spiritually, bliss, inner and outer beauty.

People who are physically and emotionally healthy usually have balanced chakras and auras. They feel overall well, and joyful.
When chakras are unbalanced, this can lead to physical and emotional illnesses and diseases. For example, constipation can be an indicator that the second and third chakras are sluggish or closed. On the other hand, diarrhea can be an indicator that the energy is too excessive.

When chakras are balanced, positive energy radiates from the body into the outer layer of energy, the aura. We live in peace and in the moment instead of counting our past regrets, or we live in the future because the current moment is too painful.

When we feel good, we like the way we look and feel. We radiate positive energy. People want to be with us because we make them feel good also. We are confident, happy, and pleasant. We become a people magnet. We have an unshakeable trust in our inner guidance and do not second guess ourselves.

How do your chakras become unbalanced? Many imbalances come from limiting beliefs and negativity. These beliefs ingrained in us since childhood by parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders. These thoughts come from firm beliefs about religion and spirituality, fear of alienation, being judged, being different or not being worthy and having suppressed feelings.

How do you balance your chakras and strengthen your aura? The first step is to recognize where you are emotionally and physically. Learning to accept who you are without judgment is a big step. Let go of regrets, the could have been, and why you haven’t done it yet, are huge steps towards your transformation.

Give yourself grace, love and support are the first steps of breaking the “I’m not good enough” belief. It about living mindfully and making choices for a better future.

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