How Do We Store Negative Energy When We Get Upset?

If we are happy and able to let go of negative feelings and anger. We can most likely can stay healthy and prevent or delay the onset of illness and diseases. If we are hold on to negative feelings or are living a stressful life, more often than not, these suppressed feelings can and will trigger physical and emotional illness programmed into our DNA.

Most of us are taught from a young age that in order to have good health we must take care of ourselves by eating the right foods, exercising and getting good restful sleep. However, as we get older and go about daily mundane tasks we often lose sight of  our ability to connect with our inner self. We become becoming “unconscious” and/or  “robotic”, performing in the same manner day after day.

We overload our daily schedules with tasks that leave us feeling overburdened and stressed. When this happens not only our spirit gets crushed but our bodies usually suffer also. Learning to be aware of how we feel is the first step to hearing our bodies’ messages when we need to stop and listen to our inner messages.

How do you start? Meditation is always good. By learning to be quiet and be in the moment is extremely helpful. Meditation helps me to release stress and be mindful about my thoughts. I can process them without judgement and self-criticism. It is kind like watching a TV show. I’m there in the room with myself and I’m just watching without getting emotionally involved.

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