Learning and Finding Your Self through Meditation Meditation

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Meditation is making a big impact all over the world and is now mainstream. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a discipline of quieting the mind to connect with the soul and higher self. This practice of quieting can be a tool for transforming your mind and spirit to attract what is important to you, peace, joy, balance, and just feeling good.

There are many factors in our lives that we have no control over that cause endless anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and confusion. The mind or the ego jumps on board with the chaotic thoughts and expands and deepens our fears and anxieties.

How can we break the cycle of unproductive thinking? There are many varieties of meditation practices, but all have been described as a form of mind-training to cultivate calmness and develop a positive attitude.

Meditation is a tool that can help us to shift from living a life focused of fear to living a full body-intelligence. By learning to communicate and listen to our body’s intelligence, we learn to honor what our bodies are telling us instead of forcing our bodies and souls to do things that are counterintuitive. Eventually, you will learn how to listen and trust your inner voice and guidance and honoring your body’s intelligence instead of seeking outside validation.

Most importantly, meditation promotes inner peace.

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Some of the benefits of regular meditation

  • Better sleep habits;
  • Increases energy level;
  • Increases inner calmness;
  • Reduces stress levels;
  • Reduces the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks;
  • Your breath used to calm your body and mind.

Types of Meditations

We offer a variety of meditations at the Healing Place with the focus of Mindful Breathing and Being Kind to Yourself.

Mindful breathing meditation is the practice of going within oneself to check our thoughts, feelings, and our reality. By faithfully practicing quiet times, it gives us the opportunity not only to connect with ourselves but to diminish unproductive negative thoughts and make room for self-awareness and personal growth.

Be kind to yourself meditation is the practice to give yourself the compassion you need and deserve. This meditation includes the practice of releasing physical and emotional suffering of current and past hurts and learning acceptance.


When to Meditate? No one said that meditating is easy, let alone finding the time, and having the discipline to make it a daily lifestyle practice. Start with a simple and direct approach and build upon it

Most people shy away from the practice because they feel they don’t have the time or they feel silly. Once you learn how good it makes you feel, you will want to make it a daily practice.

Here is a grounding meditation you can do. It's easy and relaxing.


What a difference a 5, 10 or 15-minute meditation can make. It can turn a bad day into a good day and a good day into an exceptional one!

Who should meditate? Everyone of all ages, including young children. Meditation can help adults and children to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in work, school, and social circumstances;
  • Reduce or eliminate aggression:
  • Help with
    • behavior
    • self-image
    • attitude
    • focus
    • expand attention span

Children learning to meditate at a young age usually will use this tool as a lifelong practice.

Where to Meditate - You can meditate almost anywhere, home, office, school, etc.  It is best to find a quiet space where you can close the door and not be disturbed. I love to meditate while sitting on my deck at home (weather permitting) or while I am soaking in my bathtub. Not to be disturb tell your family you need some quiet time. May sure you shut off all electronics.

What happens if I can’t quiet down my mind? It is natural to be constantly thinking. It is usually difficult to turn off the mind and practice quietness. My best practice to quieting my mind when I’m meditating is when my chatty mind starts a dialog with me, I say to myself “just thinking” and this reminds me to come back to being quiet When you first start to meditate, you may have to constantly remind yourself to come back to quiet.

How often should I meditate? This is a personal decision. Depending on the person, one can meditate for a few minutes or even up to an hour. Remember this is not a contest and there is no right or wrong about how often one does it.

I need help to meditate - There are many meditation classes, tapes, and free online materials. Most people like meditation classes where there is a feeling of community and support. Another benefit to classes is that it can help you to stay motivated and accountable so that you can reach your personal goals. Watch for Healing Place’s meditation programs