Make Happiness Your Goal TODAY!

Make Happiness Your Goal TODAY!Make Happiness Your Goal TODAY!

Do you think waiting for what you want will make you happy? One of the things I noticed about being happy and getting happy is that they are NOT interchangeable. We think by waiting for something—perfect job, perfect marriage, lose that 20 pounds, get that diamond bracelet, whatever—those things or ..Continue Reading

Recipe for a Healthy and Happy Soul

Recipe for a Healthy and Happy SoulRecipe for a Healthy and Happy Soul

Awareness is key to health and happiness. Pick and choose to practice something from this list everyday. Wake up and list your appreciations Kiss your spouse, children and pets Tell everyone who matters to you that you sincerely love them Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how ..Continue Reading

5 No-Fail Ways To Get (And Stay) Happier

5 No-Fail Ways To Get (And Stay) Happier5 No-Fail Ways To Get (And Stay) Happier

Do you ever wonder why some people are happier than others? As a life-coach and author, I discovered that despite our vast differences, we are more similar than we realize. We all want love, acceptance, and appreciation. It’s our strategies for achieving these things that vary. In general, people see ..Continue Reading

How to Tap Into Your Energy Source

How to Tap Into Your Energy SourceHow to Tap Into Your Energy Source

This triple -herb allergy tea from Free + Native Journal is proof of Lacy Phillips depth of knowledge when it comes to all things holistic.  Who knew nettles were anything more than an irritating plant to avoid on forest hikes? We’ve heard a few to many wellness pros’ sing the praises of nettle tea not to pay attention! Check out more from Lacy below on just how effective these herbs can be in remedying allergy symptoms without the side effects of medication…

It seems everywhere I turn this season there is a sniffle or a cry of how irritating one’s allergies are. Something as simple as hay fever can be enough to fully debilitate someone and have them wishing that they could replace their nose and itchy eyes with new ones. Two cups of this tea (recipe below) a day during high season will help to reduce – if not relieve – allergy symptoms.

It is also incredibly convenient to pack a small jar of this herbal blend to take with you on your spring and summer travels. You never know what new climates and pollen can stir up by way of an allergy fit.

Here are my favorite three herbal ingredients to create a super quick tea blend that will send allergies running for the hills.
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