Haven’t Tried Sardines? Try These

Haven’t Tried Sardines? Try TheseHaven’t Tried Sardines? Try These

(NewsUSA) – Sardines are consistently rated as the most nutritious and environmentally friendly fish you can eat, and yet some people remain suspicious. “Wait! They have bones and scales?”

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Are Salad Dressing Additives Harming You?

Are Salad Dressing Additives Harming You?Are Salad Dressing Additives Harming You?

By Connie Rodgers Certified Holistic Integrated Health Coach, Lifestyle Educator,  and Wellness Writer. bitesizepieces.net

Spring season is prime time for big colorful salads, especially when you add fresh basil, tomatoes and bell peppers from your garden. How do you spell fresh? Or, how about visiting your local farmers markets that just picked their fresh organic produce at 5 am and you are there by 9 am. I love the taste and smell of a great salad sprinkled with a little fresh lemon and a few herbs. Yum. However, I have found many clients and friends like to bury their masterpiece by overdressing it. Yes they dump a “toxic goo” on top of a big beautiful fresh, organic, salad and call it a dressing. Yuk! Are you one of those that can’t have salad without your favorite store bought bottled dressing? You may be addicted.

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Carving a Road Map Back to Yourself

Carving a Road Map Back to YourselfCarving a Road Map Back to Yourself

Everyone experiences the feeling of being lost in their lives at one time or another. If you are feeling “stuck”, then Continue reading →

Atrial Fibrillation Reduced – Client Observation

Atrial Fibrillation Reduced – Client ObservationAtrial Fibrillation Reduced – Client Observation

Kate, who is in her 50s, sought out the Healing Place in August 2013 for Atrial Fibrillation. She was experiencing irregular heart beats on a regular basis. She takes heart medication and thyroid medication. The thyroid medication causes her heart to race and beat erratically which has caused life-threatening emergency room visits. Her doctor is trying to control her arrhythmia with medication that makes her groggy. Anyone who suffers from these conditions knows how scary this is.

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