Reiki I – Physical Healing Class

Reiki I – Physical Healing ClassReiki I – Physical Healing Class

Reiki I – Physical Healing with Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Helen Chin Lui.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 11:30-3:30 and Wednesday, March 21, 2018 11:30-3:30[, $250. Required reading: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein (Reiki I)

Are you being called to perform “healing” work? Reiki Level One is a simple yet profound healing technique that can be learned by anyone who has been called to the path of healing. In this powerful workshop we explore various spirituality aspects as well as develop your own innate intuitive skills. Reiki Level One requires no special invocation or alteration of your thinking process to “turn on the flow” of Reiki. By simply placing your hands and opening your heart to love, you will automatically turn on the “healing energy.”

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Clinical Reiki Share

Clinical Reiki ShareClinical Reiki Share

Saturday, February 18, 10-12pm at the Healing Place, 50 North Street, Medfield, MA 02052
All participants must register (limited seating.)
Cost: $40

For Reiki practitioners who haven’t had much practice giving a Reiki healing or is a newly Reiki practitioner that would like more guidance, how to better understand and strengthen your healing skills, the Healing Place will be offering a Reiki share with Usui Reiki Master and Teacher Helen Chin Lui.

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The Story Behind These Feet – Renee

The Story Behind These Feet – ReneeThe Story Behind These Feet – Renee

I have been working with Renee since 2010. She initially came for pain relief from bone cancer. She lost her husband five years earlier from cancer, and is raising two teenagers as a single parent.

During the last six years, she fought hard to not to let cancer take her three  times. Like a warrior, she fought fearlessly and unrelentingly. She fought not only to stay for her children, but she felt she had a story to share with those going through the same hell. The battles were overwhelming, but in between episodes, she had many good moments, and she knew why cancer didn’t overcome her.

The fourth  time cancer decided to rear its ugly head and came back in full-force was at the end of April 2016. Her liver wasn’t able to keep up with the toxin overload, so her body shut down, and she ended up in a coma for a week.

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Are You an Reiki Energy Believer?

Are You an Reiki Energy Believer?Are You an Reiki Energy Believer?

Terri Reynolds, 56, knows the exchange well. She says, “Reiki.” They say, “Huh?” She says, “Energy healing.” They say, “Hocus-pocus.”

But for Reynolds, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011, reiki is anything but. The practice – which usually involves a practitioner placing his or her hands on or above a client to facilitate that person’s healing energy – taught her how to quiet her mind after surgery and six months of chemotherapy.

“When you have a very stressful job and four children, and you get a diagnosis like that, it kind of really slaps you around,” says Reynolds, a certified medical assistant and managed care educator in Springfield, Illinois. “And when you’re grabbing everywhere for anything that makes the littlest bit of hope glisten, you’re apt to try anything.”

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New research shows Reiki aids the wellbeing of cancer sufferer

New research shows Reiki aids the wellbeing of cancer suffererNew research shows Reiki aids the wellbeing of cancer sufferer

As a new study shows that at least half of the population will get cancer at some point in their lives, a University of Huddersfield research project claims that the complementary therapy named Reiki can improve the quality of life for cancer patients by lowering their levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue. The findings are to be presented at a major conference and larger-scale research could follow.

The project was named An exploratory study of Reiki experiences in women living with cancer and it was conducted by Dr Serena McCluskey, who is a Senior Research Fellow in the University’s Centre for Applied Psychological and Health Research and

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The healing power of reiki

The healing power of reikiThe healing power of reiki

This article, by Issue Editor Trevor Courneen and excerpted from Newsweek’s Special Edition, Spiritual Living, The Secret to Peace and Happiness, explores the power of Reiki and of an open mind.

Hands are, deceptively, the most essential weapon at a doctor’s disposal. Whether they’re handling a scalpel, administering a vaccination or setting a broken bone, a doctor’s hands are a vital part of any Western medical practice.

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Reiki Master Offers Relief for Chemo Side Effects

Reiki Master Offers Relief for Chemo Side EffectsReiki Master Offers Relief for Chemo Side Effects

For a local woman who wished to only be identified by her first name of Lorraine, even though she’s going through her third battle with cancer, she feels like a new person.

This is all thanks to the Reiki techniques she’s been receiving from Anthony Burton, a Reiki Master living in Ranger.

“Reiki is basically an old method of healing based upon working with the body’s energy system,” said Burton.
He said for a long time, people knew that the body had energy flowing through it and energy all around it. “In the last few years, that’s all been verified by physics and scientists,” Burton said. “You really can measure energy in the human body and it does flow and pass.”

Lorraine, 70, said she wasn’t aware of Reiki before now. Keep Reading


If you would to learn how Reiki can help to ease pain and fears surrounding cancer, please call the Healing Place to schedule a consultation, 508 359-6463

For the Healing Place Medfield’s free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Common Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You From Healingclick here.

FREE Talk 3/22, 7-8pm – What is energy healing, Reiki, Reflexology and Chakra balancing?

FREE Talk 3/22, 7-8pm – What is energy healing, Reiki, Reflexology and Chakra balancing?FREE Talk 3/22, 7-8pm – What is energy healing, Reiki, Reflexology and Chakra balancing?

Healing Place’s 10Th Year Anniversary
FREE Energy Booster Drop-Ins

The Healing Place is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! As part of our all year-celebration we are offering FREE, one- hour Energy Booster Drop- Ins as our thanks to the community!

If you have questions about what are holistic, alternative therapy, complimentary care and integrated nutrition? What is the difference? Which one should you seek out? Will it compliment your current traditional medical care? To learn more in detail, come to our Energy Booster Drop In.

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Reiki – A Natural Approach to Support Healing

Reiki – A Natural Approach to Support HealingReiki – A Natural Approach to Support Healing

(NaturalNews) What is the mysterious energy technique called Reiki? Oprah and Dr. Oz both have raved about the benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment. Reiki can accelerate the healing process of the body, mind and emotions. Reiki helps release stress and creates balance. Maybe you just feel tired and rundown, but your blood counts indicate that you are healthy, or emotionally you feel stuck in a rut, going nowhere. Reiki helps restore the energy that supports your health and well-being, getting you up and moving forward again.

According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, reiki is a healing method based on an Eastern belief in an energy that supports the body’s natural ability to heal. There’s no evidence, the center says, that such an energy exists. Plenty of people disagree.

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How Reiki Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

How Reiki Can Reduce Stress and AnxietyHow Reiki Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When a patient comes to me requesting a Reiki treatment, I know they’re ready to release old energy, patterns, and/or beliefs that no longer serve them. They may be fully aware of this, or just know on a subconscious level that whatever they’ve been doing has not been working. The idea of experiencing a Reiki session to balance their chakras seems to just feel right.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that uses “hands-on” and also “hands-off” healing. This technique can assist in relieving or reducing pain and discomfort by balancing the body’s energy centers, more commonly known as the chakras. It is a natural process that supports relaxation and healing by removing blocks to the flow of energy in your body and facilitates balance and support on all levels.

The reason why Reiki can be so powerful and effective is because it infuses your chakras and your body, with Universal light energy. Your body takes exactly what it needs to at that point in time. As a practitioner, my responsibility is to simply act as a conduit for Universal energy in order to help healing take place optimally, so that your body can heal itself. Continue reading →

Why Not Reiki?

Why Not Reiki?Why Not Reiki?

When you have a sinus infection or sore throat you may take a prescription drug or a throat lozenge. If you are anemic you may add an iron supplement to your health routine and speak with your primary care physician.

However, there are things you can do to help lift your emotional wellness and spirit that needs healing.

There are several complementary therapies that have been nurturing people’s souls for thousands of years. It is not always possible to measure the successes of these complementary therapies. The visible outcomes are when patients share the experiences with family and friends.

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Reiki Provides Improvement in Common Cancer-Related Symptoms

Reiki Provides Improvement in Common Cancer-Related SymptomsReiki Provides Improvement in Common Cancer-Related Symptoms

To complement the Research Reports in the August 2014 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Reiki practitioners provided services to adults being treated at a cancer center, as well as adults being treated in other areas of the same university hospital.

Both groups reported an improvement in their symptoms after receiving reiki, with the cancer-center participants specifically citing improvements in common cancer-related symptoms including pain, mood disturbances, and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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The Healing Place Medfield is Your Therapeutic Complimentary Medicine Provider!

The Healing Place Medfield is Your Therapeutic Complimentary Medicine Provider!The Healing Place Medfield is Your Therapeutic Complimentary Medicine Provider!

At Healing Place Medfield, our holistic healing tools are Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Reiki and Meditation. Our objectives are to remind the body and mind how to activate self- healing again.

What health issues do we specialize in stomping out?

  • Digestive Disorders – Our effective therapy addresses chronic digestive problems of the liver and kidney. We have a 95% success rate helping clients suffering from IBS, Leaky Gut, gas, bloating and constipation.
  • Chronic Pain – Our holistic healing methods are very effective in reducing the pain associated with restless leg syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Balancing Hormones Naturally – Holistically balancing the hormones associated with irregular or heavy menopause cycle, perimenopause and menopause symptoms and headaches.
  • Stress Reduction– Quieting the body so that it is able to de-stress naturally without the aid of medication and encourages deep sleep.

Learn how our services can help you to get fast relief. Schedule a FREE 60 minute consultation, call 508 359-6463.

FREE Spring Stress Buster Meditation

FREE Spring Stress Buster MeditationFREE Spring Stress Buster Meditation

Wednesday,  March 25, 7-8 p.m.
Healing Place
50 North Street, Medfield, MA

Now that spring is approaching, everyone is in the rush to coordinate events before the summer months begin, graduations, weddings, sporting events and the end of the year school events. As a community service the Healing Place wants to help keep you calm and stress-free during this mad rush, while helping our neighbors in need.

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Reiki I Workshop

Reiki I WorkshopReiki I Workshop

Reiki I (physical healing) with Usui Reiki Master, #HelenChinLui.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 and Sunday, March 29, 1-5pm. $250. For Reiki practitioner who do not need the attunement but is interested in the educational component of Reiki we offer a special discount of $150. Register below.  Required reading: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein (Reiki 1)

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2015 Reiki Bliss Classes

2015 Reiki Bliss Classes2015 Reiki Bliss Classes

I haven’t taught since 2012. Something is telling me it is time to teach again. With that said, I am planning to teach Reiki I, II and III this spring. I will be teaching these classes only in the spring. My other Reiki plans, if the stars are aligned, I am planning to start a Reiki Share/clinic for my students. We will be inviting the public to participate in our Reiki Share.  It will not only give the HealingPlaceMed students the opportunity to practice giving Reiki, but they will also receive feedback on their work so that they can broaden their understanding on what they are doing. In my opinion, there are too many Reiki Shares being held, but no one is giving feedback on how the students are doing, and whether or not they are doing it correctly. Most students walk away from these Shares wondering, “Did I perform that correctly?”

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Reiki III Workshop (Spiritual Opening)

Reiki III Workshop (Spiritual Opening)Reiki III Workshop (Spiritual Opening)

Reiki III (spiritual opening) with Usui Reiki Master, Helen Chin Lui, Friday, April 10, 6-9pm, Saturday, April 11, 11:30am-5ish, Sunday, April 12, 11:30-5ish. $450. Please register for class.Class will be small. Maximum of 8 students.

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Reiki II Workshop – Emotional Healing

Reiki II Workshop – Emotional HealingReiki II Workshop – Emotional Healing

Reiki II (emotional healing) with Reiki Master, Helen Chin Lui. Friday, March 13, 2015, 6-9pm, Saturday, March 14, 2015, 12:30-5ish, and Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:30-5ish. Required reading: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein, read Reiki II. Also bring a pendulum to use in your healing.  Register as a new student – $350.  To register as a refresher course

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