Monday, June 25, 7-9:30
Fee: $45

You will learn how your chakra system affects your overall physical and emotional health. Your body is a complex machine. It is constantly taking in and processes new information. In the upcoming class we will talk about what organs, glands and joints are affective by the energy disruption of the second chakra.

However, rather than processing and letting go of “unnecessary information”, some information turns into worries or fears which can become “stuck” in our bodies energy. This stored negative energy will often manifest into physical and emotional illnesses. So what do you with these negative emotions and how do you get rid of them?

We will teach you how to move stagnate energy for better health.

In this program you will learn what are chakras? How to feel stuck energy? We will end the evening with chakra clearing healing. Be prepare to receive a healing and give a healing

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