We trick ourselves to believing that we come into the world to live ordinary lives, but in reality, we are suppose to live extraordinary lives. 
We are  programmed to be challenged. What keeps from meeting those challenges?  The programmed “you can’t do that?”  or “why do you want to do that?”  We take these questions and programmed them into our souls and we believe them. Making it almost impossible to reach our potential.   
How to break the belief?  Go OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. Try something different, even if it is a very small step.  Have you thought of writing a book? Starting a business? Dancing?  Pick flowers for your home?
You are the only one that can really say “no” to yourself. Don’t let the “no” excuses accumulate, please. Yes, you may have a spouse, parents, children, that tells you “no.” but you are the only one that can break your “no” pattern. 
Make a change today!! However small it is

Live life like a puppy!










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