The Healing Place has been getting calls lately for stomach virus,  stomach flu and colds early in the Fall season. Every year people catch an array of Fall or Winter illnesses that include the common colds, flu and various respiratory inflammations. If have already caught a virus, cold or flu, don’t wait to incorporate Reflexology into your Fall and Winter wellness program to help strengthen your immune system.

To winterize your health, the Healing Place is offering a “Winterize Your Health with Reflexology” package.

During your visits we will focus on building your immune system, eliminating built-up toxins, and strengthening your respiratory system to fight infection by combining Ear Reflexology and Foot Reflexology sessions with detox foot baths. Choose from 4 levels of immune boosting packages: Stuffy Nose Buster, Sinus Buster, Cold Buster, or Flu Buster (see package descriptions below).

Until April 2013 you and your family members can share one or more of our “illness-busting” programs. By starting early in the season you have more of chance to fighting off illness easier and quicker. (Just like a marathon runner that prepares for a year to get ready for the big day.)

How does Reflexology Help?

By working the entire foot and ears, the Reflexologist (in this case, Helen Chin Lui) focuses on the lymph node system in the body to encourage

  • draining the lymphatic system
  • removing metabolic wastes
  • supporting the liver, kidney and spleen to eliminate toxins
  • maintaining homeostasis of blood flow
  • increasing blood circulation

Reflexology also helps to alleviate stress and assists the body to fight off infection quicker and easier. The length of most colds will usually be shortened, and you may feel less discomfort.

How will you feel or experience after a Reflexology session?

*in most cases, feel less sick
* recover quicker
*have productive  bowel movements
*better rest and sleep

How do respiratory Infections start?
Respiratory infection usually starts in the airway tract of the nose and throat and then spread down into the lungs. It affects people of all ages usually beginning late fall and early winter.

Your body is defending you to keep you healthy 24/7
The body is constantly under attack by pathogens, allergens, and dangerous microbes that are waiting to grow and spread in the body. If your body’s immune system is strong your built-in immune protection system is ready to attack and fight off any foreign substance that enters.

Depending on how well you take care of yourself, your body can fight off these germs easily or will struggle to get rid of them. Since the majority of people’s health is compromised due to stress and poor diets, the immune system doesn’t have the strength to fight off germ invaders.

Did you know that In the USA, more than $1 trillion is spent on health care and medicine, but there are still millions of cases of chronic diseases and illnesses? One way to improve your immune system is to build up your immunity on the cellular level with proper nutrients and rest.

If you want to feel well and build your immunity, call us to set you up on one of these invaluable protective packages. Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. Take advantage of this wonderful “Winterize Your Health Reflexology” program today. Remember all packages must be used by June 30, 2013.

Stuffy Nose Buster

6 – 30 minute session  and one detox foot bath – $300 ($355 value)

Sinus Buster

12 – 30 minute sessions plus two detox foot baths – $650 (value $710)

Cold Buster

6 – 60 minute session and two detox foot baths – $550.00 ($620 value)

Flu Buster (Strongest immune-booster, best value)

12 – 60 minute sessions and three detox foot baths – $1050.00 (value $1215)

Click here to purchase your package now!

More tips to winterize your health

  • Alleviate stress – Finding balance in your life.
  • Alleviate toxins – Eat organic, minimize electronic exposure, get your stomach working properly so that it can properly process and eliminate foods.
  • Exercise – Most people do not get enough exercise. If you can include one hour of exercise routine that moves toxin, burns fat and makes your heart happy. It is likely you will be physically and emotionally happier.
  • Hand wash – Wash your hands often. Did you know that the common person touches their face 2,000-3,000 times a day? Now you know how those pathogens find their way into our bodies.
  • Healthy diet – Eat whole foods and try to eliminate processed foods and foods high in saturated fat.
  • Nutritional Supplements – Your body may not be getting enough nutrition or is not able to absorb it properly. You may need additional nutritional supplements.
  • Rest – Get enough rest (8 hours of good sleep)
  • And remember to clear toxins and boost your immune system with our “Winterize Your Health Reflexology” program.

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