Do you experience the 2pm energy slump in the afternoon?
Do you feel like you need something sweet after every meal?
Are you trying to heal chronic digestive issues?
Do you tend towards anxiety and depression – and want to feel more emotionally balanced?
Do you feel mentally unclear and have difficulty focusing?
Are you trying to understand your sugar cravings so you can lose weight?

If you answered yes, then sugar is affecting your chance to experience VIBRANT health!



The Sugar Blues

with Digestive Holistic Wellness Coach, Kate Lamie

Tuesday, September 16th, 7-8pm
@The Healing Place Medfield
Cost: $10/ per person

You will learn:
• Tools and tips for dealing with and UNDERSTANDING cravings
• Weight gain & sugar – why sugar never triggers an I’m full feeling
• The difference between refined and non-refined sugar
• How to read nutrition labels for sugar

Seating is limited. To register for class, click here.

Reflexology Healing Medfield MADigestive Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, KateLamie specializes in helping clients struggling with digestive disorders. Kate is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about helping individuals tap into vibrant health. She works with her clients to reduce cravings, explore and prepare new foods, increase their energy and find time for physical movement. To schedule a free consultation with kate, call 508 359-6463.

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