By Robin Bornstein, Reiki Practitioner at the Healing Place

We all have a lot going on, and a big to-do list to complete! We all face difficult challenges during different times in our lives. Hopefully, we can catch a break during these difficult moments. There’s so much to do, and so little time. Talk about STRESS!

Mini-meditations can help you physically and mentally. You don’t have to be a seasoned mediator, or an expert in meditation, nor do you need a tremendous amount of time to meditate. All it takes is 5 minutes. However, you can feel the results of a mini-meditation immediately.

Benefits of mini-meditations include:

Stress reduction
Improved sleep
Better choices around food
Decision making
Improved mood

First, you don’t need to have a special meditation “corner” or “room.” But, if you do create your own space (your own little sanctuary) – GREAT! When you are feeling your stress level elevating, “STOP!” Being present with your moods and thoughts, and being able to acknowledge them is the beginning stage of reducing your stress. Remember it’s okay to feel MAD, SAD, STRESSED, PISSED, etc.… These are all normal feelings. It’s the way you decide to handle those feelings that empowers you.

If you practice mini-mediations on a regular basis, then you will learn to recognize quickly when you need to check-in and be present with yourself. You don’t need an hour to meditate. All it takes is 5 minutes to help you achieve a much happier and peaceful life. Being present is what it’s all about.

Steps for beginning your mini-mediation:

• Find a comfortable place (your couch, bed, office)
• Tell your family that this is quiet time for you
• Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
• Turn off all electronic gadgets
• If you like, play soft music
• Dim lights
• Light a candle
• Set the mood and intention of what you want to accomplish
• Close your eyes
• Begin breathing with deep slow breathes
• Think of positive thoughts
• Choose a simple mantra

Stay in this state as long as you like, while trying to listen to what your body is telling you. Let go of expectations that you may impose on yourself (this comes with practice). Create space for your feelings, and accept that what you are feeling is OKAY. You are entitled to feel the way you feel (positive or negative). Continue to breathe deeply and allow your thoughts to come and go within your mind. Be present with your feelings and thoughts, and try to accept why you are currently feeling the way you do, and understand that those are your feelings, and that it’s okay to feel that way. Be aware of the calmness, and don’t be afraid to bathe in the glory of happy thoughts, or of releasing the negative ones.

By doing a quick check-in with your thoughts and feelings, this allows you to create a deep self-awareness of who you are at this particular moment in time. Learning to celebrate and accept who you are along with the positives and the negatives is a gift you give to yourself. Learning to STOP and check-in with yourself on a regular basis is “self-love,” which is the beginning of all good things. Peace of mind and “self-love” are one the most divine gifts that you can give to yourself through inner check-ins.


Reflexology Healing Medfield MAAbout Robin – She  is a certified Reiki I and II and certified Kundalini Reiki I, II, and III practitioner. Robin has been practicing professional Reiki since 2014. She developed an interest in Reiki out of her own personal spiritual growth and development. Robin specializes in helping children and adults to find relief from stress and pain through Reiki. If you are interested in a Reiki healing, please call Robin at 508 359-6463 to schedule a free consultation.

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