On One Hand: You’ve got creativity running through your bloodstream. You think outside the box and see the world as one big art project waiting to happen. Whether you’re the kind of creative who writes, draws, sings, sews, photographs, or simply has a right-brained mind that just won’t quit, you have a unique way of looking at life that serves you in any situation.

On The Other Hand: A girl’s gotta eat. Five (or more) days a week, you do the work to pay the bills, and have a job you’re plugging away at – maybe even a full-blown career you’re carving out for yourself. You’re no stranger to the daily grind, Creative Gal: the traffic-jammed commute, the stressors of your job, the responsibilities that loom over your head as you hustle at work.

Whether you are in love with your job or are just trying to get by, there’s one thing most creative types have in common when it comes to the daily grind: do I have to give up my identity as an artist just to fit in?

The Balancing Act: Just because you’re a working girl doesn’t mean that you have to squash your creative impulses. If you’re not used to singing your own praises, this is a really good time to start: you have a special, visionary way of viewing the world that not only serves you, but serves all those around you. Whether your daily grind is in an artistic field or not, here are three ways to honor your creative work, your 9-5 work…and still end the day feeling like you can do it all, just as you are

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