The Healing Place Medfield offers customized healing packages for those who are seriously committed to addressing their health issues or want to incorporate holistic practices into their wellness program. The Healing Place specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive issues, chronic pain and balance hormones naturally. We find most clients not only have chronic digestive issues but also chronic pain and/or hormonal imbalances.

Mission Statement: The Healing Place’s mission is to partner with clients to help you to feel better as quickly as possible.  We will develop objectives, goals and monitor your healing process. We will work as a team to develop the very best plan to fit your lifestyle and to help you.

Our programs will not only address your health issues on a physical level but also on the spiritual and soul level. The body and mind want to move toward health when given the chance. Our natural state is to tap into our own ability to self heal.  One of the major differences between medical treatments and holistic treatments is that holistic treats the “whole” you, which incorporates the mind, body, and spirit. There is a link between our thoughts and our physical health just as there is a link between the spirit and mind. When we treat the mind and spirit, we treat the physical. When our spirit is decimated, so are the body and mind. So, it is imperative that we treat all three to achieve a healthy place.

Our unique program includes:
•    Discussion of the root of most illnesses
•    Explanation of your body’s energetic system
•    Discussion of how energy flows and where energy blocks are in your chakra system
•    Learning how to clear your energy blockages
•    Active healing work, including ear, hand and foot reflexology
•    Other healing services as deemed necessary, including chakra balancing and Reiki
•    Reviewing results after each of your healing services
•    Ionic Detox Foot baths
•    Assignment of homework, comprising of journaling and energy-conscious activities, such as meditation, to support healing
•    A follow-up phone call after your first visit to answer any questions

What you can expect from each healing session
•    Information-gathering and goal-setting
•    Active healing work
•    Discussion of result of healing work
•    Answer your questions
•    Homework assignment to support the healing process

Reflexology/Energy Medicine/Reiki appointments – The first healing session is 90-120 minutes which includes time to discuss health history, an active healing session, and review findings and answer any questions at the end of session. All healing sessions thereafter are 60-70 minutes with the exception when a detox foot bath is scheduled with a healing session; these sessions are 90 minutes long.

Initial Consultation – All prospective clients will are invited to have a free 30-60 minute consultation. We want to make sure the Healing Place is the right fit for you! If both the prospective client and practitioner feel that this is the best step for your healing journey, we will schedule  your healing sessions. If the Healing Place feels that we cannot help or we are not a good fit, we will refer the prospective client to different resources or to a practitioner that is a better match.

Call the Healing Place Medfield NOW to schedule your FREE 60 minute consultation at 508-359-6463.

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