By Raquel Vassalo:

I struggled with knowing what my purpose was for much of my life. But through that struggle, I learned not only what my own individual purpose was, but also how to help others do the same.

I transitioned from having a corporate job to supporting women who want to discover their purpose and earn what they are worth. In my current work, clients repeatedly ask me how I knew what my purpose was, and whether or not there were particular signs that helped me listen to my intuition.

In large part, I was able to listen to my intuition because I learned to interpret signs within myself and around me that were pointing me to my purpose. Eight years ago, I was a successful architect working in New York, living what I thought, intellectually, was the “perfect” life.

But I went through a rather sudden divorce, which catalyzed other realizations about dissatisfaction in my life. I kept my job to maintain some stability in my life — until I had wake-up call number two: I got really sick, had surgery and could no longer go to the construction site where I was needed for my job.

As soon as I recovered, I went back to work. It seemed like I still wasn’t aware of the fact that my purpose was calling me, until three months later I got run over by a car and almost lost my life. Because of the accident, I couldn’t sit at an office desk. It seemed like I was “forced” to rest in order heal my body, but truly, I was healing my soul. At that point it became very clear that the universe was shouting loud and clear: “Raquel, it is time to figure out your purpose.”

The key is to not miss those taps that we get from the universe to get us back on our path. And while my journey had some extreme “signs” along the way, not everyone does. Some signs are more subtle than others, but they are there. Here are the most common signs that will help you identify that your purpose is calling you:

1. You feel a sense of craving for something else.

If you are spending your days asking yourself, What is my passion? or What will make me happy? then it probably goes without saying that you’re not living your purpose. It’s simple, and obvious (though that doesn’t make it easy, I know): the fact that you are looking for your purpose points out that you are not fully expressing your soul’s truth. You feel an underlying sense of craving, searching, seeking.

Some concrete signs of this? Thinking about fantasy lives for yourself, reading books and articles about finding your passion, feelings of preemptive regret. Deep down inside, you know that you are meant for something bigger.

2. You feel like your work is “pointless,” and have a strong desire to make a difference.

You have an urge to share something that’s at your core — and you know you’re not doing that currently, or else you wouldn’t feel this urge so strongly. You’re not insecure or resigned about your current situation, though. In fact, you know you have a gift, you know you want to make a difference, you just don’t know exactly what the gift is and how to get it out there.

3. You feel like you have to leave your true self at home in order to make money.

Sure, work is work — it requires effort and isn’t all easy. But believe me when I say that work isn’t categorically soul-sucking and exhausting. Too many of us accept this as truth.

Even if the money is good at your job, you feel empty, like you are selling your soul for a paycheck. There is a deep recognition inside of you that tells you that there has to be a way for you to earn well doing what you love in a way that feels authentic and is true to who you are. And let me tell you, there is.

4. You get sick often, or have an extreme bout of illness and/or fatigue.

It’s pretty astonishing how often I see clients who get ill when they are not living their soul’s purpose. On a physiological level, too much cortisol (the stress hormone) actually puts stress on your immune system, meaning that you will be more predisposed to get sick. Especially when fatigue is added to the mix.

But think about it spiritually too. When you are neglecting your full potential, your body will literally go out of balance to tell you what you have stepped out of your true purpose. An illness can be an incredible gift of remembering to be authentic and step into sharing your gift with the world

5. You’re experiencing sea changes in your relationship (and maybe even a breakup or divorce).

Your relationship is not resonating with you, and is beginning to cause you pain. Even if the change of a breakup or divorce seems insurmountable, the signs of toxicity coming from your relationship are often a boon, telling you in another way that big changes need to take place in your life. The moment you let it go, you claim back your power and get in touch with your true calling.

If you are experiencing any of these signs and you know there’s got to be more, it’s time to begin your journey. Listen, see, touch, smell, taste and feel the signs all around you, and within you. You deserve happiness and freedom, and the world needs you.


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