I’ve been getting some emails with questions about my diet, lifestyle and parenting views . I thought I’d share a little bit on my healthy living philosophy! It’s taken me a while to figure out what kind of lifestyle works for my body, mind and spirit. Life is so wonderful and mysterious, my daily doings have changed a bit from when I began blogging, but my core values hold true.


I used to be very firm on not taking any supplements. I was a hardcore raw vegan. I felt like I should be getting all of my nutrients from the healthy food I was eating. In a perfect world that would have been true. In our world it’s a bit different (I have found). Our food is mass produced, yes even our Whole Foods organic produces comes from big farms who then package and ship those foods to us. The nutrient content diminishes, it just the way it is. I do as much local and self-grown produce as possible… But at the end of the day, my body needs some supplements to keep up with the daily grind.

My current supplements:

My current supplements:


I’m no longer a hard core raw foodie, actually I’m not hard core anything. I moved away from my very restrictive raw food diet because it was becoming somewhat of a disorder itself. I started eating raw food to help heal from disordered eating. It majorly helped me at first, but then it began to be a bit of a disorder itself. I am a huge advocate for raw foods and plant based eating but I’m not 100% raw nor do I preach it. I eat a balanced diet that consist of lots of veggies, a little fruit, lots of cold-pressed juice, ghee, some goat diary once in a while, bone broth in the winter (this helped heal my eczema), superfood galore, organic pasture raised eggs (once in a while), some healthy seeds such as chia, buckwheat and amaranth (always sprouted) and some whole grains.

I eat what I truly feel my body needs. I do my best to stay balanced. I use raw foods a lot in my diet! Somedays I’ll be 100% raw, somedays i’m not. It just depends. I do lean heavily vegan but am not locked in anything and I’m thankful for that. My book Radiantly Raw is a collection of my favorite raw food meals, smoothies and treats. I still incorporate a TON of raw organic food into my diet.

My Favorite Meals

Steamed kale with sweet potato and coconut oil, just so simple and good! I love macadamia nut oil too
Marinated kale salad with pumpkin seed oil, cilantro, mint, pumpkin seeds, lemon and parsley.
Green juice based smoothie, we serve one at Local Juicery called Super Human! Its green juice, berries, MCT oils, maca, bee pollen, spirulina, almond butter and steiva. Its a meal for sure!


I remember a time when I was using working out as an escape. I was super fit on the outside and dying on the inside. I was working out 5 days a week with a trainer, doing hot yoga daily and running 4 mile four days a week. I was also getting sick way to often. I was off balance. After having my son, I really had to take a look at my ways of living and ask myself if that was what I wanted to pass on to this little soul. It rattled my world to look at things this way. I started to care about myself in a different way. I wanted to be healthy and pass on healthy habits. I now work out about 5 days a week and I hop in to a hot yoga class when I can… I play with my son! I chase him everywhere. I feel great, I look healthy and I am doing my best daily. Thats what it’s all about to me!

Favorite Workouts

I hate sprints but my good friend and soon to be business partner Jen has been pushing me to do them. I hate them in my mind but my body loves them! We do four 400 meter sprints followed by four 200 meter sprints on the track. Ouch in the best way!
Weight squats and deadlifts. My body just LOVES these. I started at 95 but just adjust it to what you need.
I’m a big log distance jogging fan. I like to be outside and I like a change of scenery.
I enjoy circuit training, I put together my own circuits based on what body parts I’m working on. The great thing about circuits is you can add your cardio in to them as well!


My son is such a joy. He has woke me up to so many new places inside myself. Children are our greatest teachers if we allow them to be. Living moment to moment with him, not worrying about the mess thats being made, but noticing the pure joy in his eyes while he’s making it… Being aware of my triggers has been probably the best thing I’ve done for my child. I notice what comes up for me when he’s crying non stop or pushing boundaries. I notice the discomfort, the deep conditioning, the trigger point. I back track and do my work on it. I don’t punish him for my trigger. He is the messenger, the bridge to my ultimate healing. I am so blessed to have this little guy in my life waking me up one moment at a time.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting! It’s a pleasure to share.

About the writer -Summer Sanders has long had a passion for holistic health, fresh foods, and fitness. She trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy, and eventually took a job with the school as a raw food instructor in Santa Monica. She now runs a whole food cleansing and health consulting company called Radiantly Raw Lifestyles. She is a certified personal trainer, weight management coach, prenatal exercise coach, and fitness nutrition specialist with National Academy of Sports Medicine. Summer has just finished her first raw food lifestyle book that is due out Mid 2014 with Vegan Heritage Press. You can find her on Instagram @RawFoodLove.


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