This weekend, the Healing Place will be unveiling the videos that we have been diligently working on for the last few months. Since the Healing Place was founded in 2006, the goal of owner Helen Chin Lui has been to spread the message about the wonderful benefits of alternative healing to as many people as possible.

These videos will be Helen’s latest endeavor to educate others about how to live a holistic lifestyle and maintain total wellness in mind, body, and spirit. This is not Helen’s first foray behind a camera lens but it is by far her most ambitious, and she is so excited to finally share the fruits of her labor.

The videos will first be made available at this weekend’s Natural Living Expo at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlboro, Mass. In addition to giving her workshop Constipation: The Ins and Outs, Helen and certified Reiki practitioner Robin Bornstein will be on hand exhibiting.

Those in attendance will not only have the opportunity to meet the Healing Place team and learn more about our work, but will have the first chance to take home a copy of Helen’s latest videos. The first video Neutralizing Negative Energy in the Workplace will be a guided meditation intended to help viewers dispel negative energy and stress to achieve harmony especially in a professional work environment.

The second video, Holistic Remedies to Relieve Constipation, is an in-depth depiction of how the various elements of a healthy lifestyle can be a natural source of relief from constipation. People dealing with chronic irregularity as a result of various ailments can experience a lot of pain and oftentimes over the counter laxatives can generate separate issues.

This comprehensive video includes tips on maintaining a healthy diet, a cooking demonstration, instruction in practicing hand reflexology at home, suggestions about how to improve mindfulness, exercises that can expedite the digestive process, and a closing meditation intended to relieve constipation. Both of these videos will be made available in the Wellness Store next week.

These videos will be a tremendous resource for you or your loved ones, and if you are suffering from tension in the workplace or recurring constipation, be sure to check out these videos and see what alternative healing can do for you!

Check out this trailer for our upcoming videos below:

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