When new clients come to the Healing Place to seek help with their digestive health, we talk about how reflexology helps to move bowel movement and toxins. Our focus is to work the reflexology intestinal reflexes in the direction of peristalsis to move contents through the gastrointestinal tract.

How You Benefit from Reflexology?

• Reflexology promotes the harmonious contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm resulting in a rhythmical massage of the abdominal organs.
• Reflexology helps to release muscular and emotional tension, both of which can severely hamper the digestive process.
• Reflexology can unblock congested energy, promoting a free flow of energy through all channels so that the digestive process from the mouth to the anus can work effectively.

• Reflexology can break down deposits in the feet.
• The stimulation of reflexology decongests energy pathways allowing the digestive system to work optimally (as reflexology does for all bodily systems).

Benefits of Regular Reflexology Sessions
Reduced stress – When the body is stressed, our body’s immune system is overworked and overtaxed causing the body to break down. Stimulating reflex points on feet, hands, or ears gives the body the ability to release stress instead of storing it in the organs.

Built-up immune system – When the body is relaxed, the ability to fight off infections increases.

Toxin elimination– The cause of many illnesses is the inability to eliminate toxins efficiently. Being constant exposure to air, food, electronic, and environmental toxins has overtaxed the body’s ability to filter toxins properly.

Your filtering organs are working 24/7 without any rest. How Reflexology can help is by stimulating all reflex points, with the primary focus on the liver, kidney, spleen and lymphatic systems. In a short time, the body remembers how to move those built up toxins.

Another benefit improving circulation, increases oxygen and blood flow, and increases energy level.


About the writer – Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist, certified energy medicine practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher. If you are interested how Reflexology and Reiki can help you to alleviate digestive discomforts, please schedule a FREE consultation online or call 508 359-6463.

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