We are magnetic, energy-charged beings that can detect the slightest energy changes through our nerve impulses.

Stimulus signals are transmitted from one nerve to another and create a network of electrical neurotransmitters so that the body can communicate with all internal systems, enabling the body to respond, and react.

Your cells store not only energy for the body’s functions but your life experiences too.

Always feed your soul with uplifting and positive experiences instead of doing the same senseless things daily and causing a buildup of dark and dense energy. Even if you can make one tiny change, you are on your way to building an unlimited energy reserve.

Tiny changes are just as powerful as significant changes.

Our energy needs our constant and consistent support. Know your limits by honoring and respecting yourself. Know your boundaries. You are the keeper of your integrity.

To learn more about your chakras, either schedule a healing session with the Healing Place 508 359-6463 or to learn from your privacy of your home, Chakra 101 Know Your Energy or pick up a copy of Know Your Chakras

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