When life is busy, looking after yourself tends to drop to the bottom of your to-do list. You spend all your waking hours on projects at work and at home. Worse yet, to save time, you grab fast food for dinner, you sleep fewer hours, and you stop exercising.

Enter sentiments of feeling awful, burnt out and constantly tired. The unfortunate truth is that we are bad at taking care of ourselves, and we find it hard to gain a personal perspective. This is why active self-care and mindfulness is essential. It is something that you need to make time in your schedule for.
Admittedly, the term ‘self-care’ may seem a bit new-age. But the thing is… it’s actually something we should ALL offer more serious consideration. By taking essential care of ourselves, we become better at taking care of those around us, and to do good work.
Understand that self-care is crucial
Self-care isn’t an act of being selfish. Self-care is vital to your health. When you’re under pressure – or even when you’re not – it’s important to take the time you need to look after your health and well-being. It’s not being indulgent to go for a run, to take a full lunch hour, or to sleep in on the weekends. Parents particularly struggle with this, especially single parents. It is important to look after your kids, but you need to first take care of yourself. This is why in the airplane safety demonstration: adults should put on their oxygen mask first and then see to children. Same principle.
If you do not have time. Make it.
You’re busy. I get that. You’ve got a more than full schedule. Twenty-four hours in a day is just not enough time for what you need to accomplish. If this is you then it is even more important to take a close look at your timetable. Decide what you can drop, (social media, for example) and then inject some time into that timeframe just for yourself. Treat exercise as an exciting activity rather than another chore you have to place a checkmark next to. Focus on getting quality sleep. Take an hour now and then just to chill and not think about anything overly pressing. Your brain needs the space to function properly, so provide it. Go sit on your back deck or porch with a cool beverage and relax. If it is wintertime, place your

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