How Reflexology Relieves Restless Leg Syndrome Pain

A Personal Account of Relief for Restless Leg Syndrome – By a Healing Place Medfield client – Erin Kenneally

When I say I get a kick out of life, I really mean it. I have had restless leg syndrome (RLS) my whole life. For anyone who has this incredibly under-rated “syndrome” you know how intrusive it can be.

From the uncomfortable distraction of having the “willies” running up and down your legs, to kicking your legs for no apparent reason during dinner parties, to keeping you up all night.

The worst is thinking that maybe you are sleeping only to realize that the reason you are still completely exhausted the next day is that you are not getting any deep, a.k.a. restorative, sleep (and haven’t been for countless years!)

Not Enough Sleep Because of Restless Leg Syndrome

When I say not getting any sleep, I’m not talking about the water cooler chat, “Oh, yeah, my husband snored all night and kept me up …” No, no, no. This is (and my five sleep studies in 10 years back it up … I LOVE vindication!) my brain being “stimulated out of deep sleep every 26-35 seconds all night long!” So literally, NOT getting sleep.

Deep sleep is so important to Heal

It’s when you’re body has time to rebuild itself from a hard day’s work. If you are lucky enough to dream (even if you don’t really remember them,) you dream as you are coming out of deep sleep.

If you’re not dreaming, you’re not getting deep sleep. I wish I had known that years ago because maybe I would have noticed then that the quality of my sleep had really gone down hill.

I was once a “lucid” dreamer. That’s someone who can literally control their dreams. I loved going to bed at night. I could choose whom and what I was going to dream about, change the outcomes of bad dreams, and travel to places I’d been or never been, wake up and remember it all. But somewhere in my mid-twenties that all changed.

I didn’t realize it in the beginning, in fact, I didn’t realize it for quite some time. I was working in advertising, traveling all over the country. I was lucky to be in bed for more than five hours each night. Then came marriage, kids, and craziness. It wasn’t until the kids had stopped waking me up at night and I wasn’t working during the day, that I couldn’t understand why I was still so

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