Manually Move Sinus Mucus Caused by a Cold

Manually Move Sinus Mucus Caused by a ColdManually Move Sinus Mucus Caused by a Cold

Isn’t this a lovely subject – nasal mucus and post nasal drip? You can learn how to break up head congestion caused by a cold by by knowing where to press on your head! Almost everyone encounters post nasal drip when having a cold. For me, a cold always start in my head, then the pain builds up in a headache, then I can feel the post nasal drip dripping down into my throat and into my stomach. Yuck! You don’t have to suffer, here are  reflexology tips to show you where are the pressure points to press on the face and head to help alleviate cold symptoms.

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Exercising Without Triggering a ‪‎Migraine‬ or ‪Headache

Exercising Without Triggering a ‪‎Migraine‬ or ‪HeadacheExercising Without Triggering a ‪‎Migraine‬ or ‪Headache

As a “migraineur” your dilemma may be “to exercise or not to exercise.” It’s a delicate balancing act, but one, done correctly and within the parameters of your own migraine experience, can have great advantages. For the good of your overall health, exercising is beneficial. You should start slowly. Try walking at a slow pace.

If you have a treadmill available and find being outside is a trigger for you, indoor exercise is much more logical. One thing we find from experience, sometimes you can do one thing, and another time the when doing the same thing, it triggers a migraine. So, listen to your body as you exercise.

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