Spa Treatment for the Feet From Home

Spa Treatment for the Feet From HomeSpa  Treatment for the Feet From Home

Feet are perfectly engineered to do their job of providing stability and mobility to our whole body. They contain thousands of nerve endings, help us stay up against gravity all day, and yet, feet are probably the most ignored part of the body. As a yoga teacher, I shower feet with a lot of attention in my classes and am amazed at how many people have never given them a second thought.

This simple five-step routine says thank you to your feet for supporting your body weight all day long. It can also be done by people who are not able to walk and works very well for people with decreased sensation or decreased blood flow in their feet.

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Hand Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hand Exercises for Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHand Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Try these simple hand exercises if they feel stress from overworking. They can be done anywhere, anytime and often as you like.

1. Make fists with both hands and hold them tight for several seconds. Then, open the palms fast and spread your fingers. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

2. Rotate your wrists with circle motions. Make 10 circle motions with both wrists, clockwise and counterclockwise.

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Kitty Gives a Pug Dog a Reflexology Massage

Kitty Gives a Pug Dog a Reflexology MassageKitty Gives a Pug Dog a Reflexology Massage

I am one of those people that love to watch animal videos. I thought this video was so cute where a kitty gives a pug dog a reflexology massage. I love how the kitty is focusing on the pug’s spine to relax it.

Take a minute, watch and give yourself a chuckle.

The Healing Place Medfield specializes in helping people of all ages to find long term relief from chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain and balance hormones naturally through Reflexology, Energy Medicine and Reiki.

If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation please call 508 359-6463.


Quinoa Tabouli Salad Recipe

Quinoa Tabouli Salad RecipeQuinoa Tabouli Salad Recipe

By Laurie Warren, of Warren Wellness – Whole Nutrition for Health and Healing

This recipe will deliver some Smart Carbs, Clean Protein, Healthy Fats, and plenty of phytochemicals straight to your happy cells and will taste REALLY good on the way there! And remember, quinoa is one of the only plant sources that offers a complete protein profile!

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Detox Foot Bath – Client with Lupus Disease

Detox Foot Bath – Client with Lupus DiseaseDetox Foot Bath – Client with Lupus Disease

As part of the Healing Place Medfield’s customized healing program every client is offered detox foot baths to speed up detoxifying the body. These are not pretty by any means. Depending on what illnesses the client has, each detox foot bath result will vary somewhat.

This client has had Lupus disease symptoms for several years. After learning about the Healing Place’s services, she decided that she wanted to try Reflexology to see if she could alleviate some of the extreme tiredness that she was experiencing due to Lupus.

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Egg Shells – Calcium Supplement?

Egg Shells – Calcium Supplement?Egg Shells – Calcium Supplement?

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults 19 years and older get 1,000-2,000 mg of calcium per day. Instead of buying calcium that has Calcium citrate, Hydroxide, Gluconate, Aspartate, or Coral Calcium, try a natural form of calcium by grinding organic egg shells into a powder that you can add to your meal.


Healing Place Medfield specializes in helping adults and children to find long-lasting relief from chronic digestive issues, chronic pain and healing hormonal imbalances naturally. Schedule a FREE 60-minute consultation to learn how Reflexology, energy medicine and Reiki can help you find long lasting relief. Call (508) 359-6463 for more information, and to speak with Helen.

For our free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Common Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You From Healingclick here.


Filters – Examining Your Emotions

Filters – Examining Your EmotionsFilters – Examining Your Emotions

by Reiki Practitioner, Robin Bornstein

We all have our own internal filters of how we perceive the world around us. We could be in the same room and hear, see and perceive an event differently than the people around us. We all perceive our worlds differently due to the influences and experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today. We all come from different backgrounds with different internal emotional wounds. As we go forward please check-in with yourself on a daily basis to make sure you are feeling and seeing events around

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Sinus and Post Nasal Drip Hand Reflexology Tip

Sinus and Post Nasal Drip Hand Reflexology TipSinus and Post Nasal Drip Hand Reflexology Tip

If you have sinus and post nasal drip, try this quick and easy hand reflexology tip. It will only take a couple of minutes to work both hands. If you would like more information how reflexology can help you, free free to call the Healing Place Medfield at 508 359-6463 to schedule a consultation.

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The dictionary’s definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

In my work I have learned to listen to clients with empathy and without judgement. My experience has come from years of practicing how to hold the energy space for clients so that they feel safe enough to talk about their pain, and how to let it go so the body can heal.

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Body Language and How Others Perceive You

Body Language and How Others Perceive YouBody Language and How Others Perceive You

Body language plays a major role in how others view you. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you, including your posture and the way you walk, stand and sit. Continue reading →

The Revolution of Ancient Grains

The Revolution of Ancient GrainsThe Revolution of Ancient Grains

Quinoa, what is quinoa? It’s definitely not a fish as thought by Ben Affleck in the movie “Gone Girl”. Quinoa is categorized as what is known as an “ancient grain.” These grains have been around for thousands Continue reading →

Make Friends With Your Dark Side – The Ego

Make Friends With Your Dark Side – The EgoMake Friends With Your Dark Side – The Ego

Make Friends With Your Dark Side
The Ego
Wednesday, March 4, 7-9pm  $40

Do negative thoughts constantly run through your head?
Is your ego keeping you living in fear?
No energy to pursue your dreams and goals?

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Master Liver Detoxing Drink – Recipe

Master Liver Detoxing Drink – RecipeMaster Liver Detoxing Drink – Recipe

Here is a recipe for the Master Liver Detoxing drink that I am drinking all 14 days of my liver detoxing. Some people can drink up to 128 oz a day (1 gallon), but I’m good at 32oz. Even though I know this drink is helping me, I am not a fan of sweetened drinks but I can drink water with squeezed lemons.  Funny, huh?

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Reiki II Workshop – Emotional Healing

Reiki II Workshop – Emotional HealingReiki II Workshop – Emotional Healing

Reiki II (emotional healing) with Reiki Master, Helen Chin Lui. Friday, March 13, 2015, 6-9pm, Saturday, March 14, 2015, 12:30-5ish, and Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:30-5ish. Required reading: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein, read Reiki II. Also bring a pendulum to use in your healing.  Register as a new student – $350.  To register as a refresher course

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