Start Today and Get Off the Cliff

Start Today and Get Off the CliffStart Today and Get Off the Cliff

Let’s think about what you want to accomplish in your life. How about dreaming big! Something about starting over gives us the permission to dream big. We think about the changes we want to make and make a resolution list. Resolutions are fun if they are kept, but not so fun when interest is lost.  We all start off with the best of intentions and then something happens and we can’t keep our commitments. According to statistics, 80% of resolutions fail by February. Oh boy! I have heard of many excuses, some I have given myself. Instead making excuses, let this year be your LEAP year and do something out of your comfort zone.

Stop standing on a CLIFF and take a leap (small leaps are good too)!  What does CLIFF mean?
C – Can’t find the time (Too much trouble, effort, and too much money)
L – Lacking the motivation to keep you going (You have to know why do you want this to begin with)
I – Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns and habits (Laziness)
F – Frustration because you aren’t getting the instant gratification
F – Forgetting why you started. This is common. Know Your why you are doing this.

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Chakra 101 – Know Your Energy – 9 part Online Class Series

Chakra 101 – Know Your Energy – 9 part Online Class SeriesChakra 101 – Know Your Energy –  9 part Online Class Series

With Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui

Most people know when they feel good and when they feel off, but don’t know why. Usually, good feelings come from external rewards, and our off feelings come from excessive internal processing.  In this online class, you will learn how our body’s process emotions through our seven primary energy centers known as chakras. Each chakra has its vibrational frequency that contributes to all of oura physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Your body is a complex machine. It is always taking in and processes new information. However, rather than processing and letting go of “unnecessary information,” some information turns into worries or fears which can become “stuck” in your chakra(s). This stored negative energy can manifest into physical and emotional illnesses that can lead to a disconnection of the body and spirit. By understanding your energy, you can consciously balance your chakras for better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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Neutralizing Negative Energy in the Workplace – FREE Lunch and Learn

Neutralizing Negative Energy in the Workplace – FREE Lunch and LearnNeutralizing Negative Energy in the Workplace – FREE Lunch and Learn

Join Helen Chin Lui for a Lunch and Learn
Metro Meeting Center,
101 Federal Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA
Thursday, October 29th, noon-1pm

Helen Chin Lui of the Healing Place will be talking about how to radiate positive energy and neutralize negative energy in the workplace.
The pressure and stress to produce in a workplace does not always reinforce a positive and uplifting work environment. Instead of working in a supportive and productive office, there can be doubt or distrust. This can create a negative office that no one wants to go to.

Helen will explain how good and negative energy affects everyone on every level of an organization. When everyone’s energy is balanced, there is trust, flow, and good team spirit. When energy is off, there is distrust, anger, and resentment.

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