What is Energy Medicine?

What is Energy Medicine?What is Energy Medicine?

Energy is the essence of all life. All things are energetic, whether living or inanimate. The scientific definition of organic living energy talks about the interaction of 116 known elements such as atoms, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen that make up all living things.

In energy medicine, we refer to energy as the body’s ability to maintain a positive flow. Positive energy is created depending on how you feel. Positive energy will keep the energy flowing in your body so that you stay physically and emotionally healthy. If you are depressed or angry, the energy can become stagnated, blocked and unbalanced.

We are all beings with human feelings, thoughts and behaviors; therefore, our emotions and DNA determine our overall physical and emotional health. These emotions can bring you up or bring you down. Many people don’t believe that their emotions have anything to with their physical health condition. But this is NOT true!

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