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Strawberry Lime Rickey on the Rocks – Recipe

August 5th, 2015 | lime

This is one of my favorite summer drinks and it is easy to make. It is refreshing and delicious. It brings a back a lot of summer memories when I was a kid. Ingredients: 8 oz of plain soda water 1/8 C of strawberry syrup or any favored syrup (adjust to your taste) 1/2 lime, […]

Delectable Walnut Avocado Lime Pie Breakfast Smoothie

July 26th, 2015 | lime

Want to make a delicious smoothie? Just tried this one and it is a winner for sure! We used Manuka Honey in this recipe to make it extra sweet. Treat yourself to the taste of the tropics with this nutritious, filling breakfast smoothie. Heart-healthy walnuts chock-full of omega-3’s and fibre-rich avocadoes in this smoothie will give you […]

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