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Holistic Care Today

July 28th, 2019 | complementary medicine

Holistic Care Today Holistic care is the emphasis of overall well-being (both physical and emotional), with an emphasis on maintaining health, not just curing ailments. Allopathic medicine aims to combat disease by using remedies (such as drugs or surgery), whereas osteopathy takes a holistic perspective on the practice of medicine. It’s based on the theory […]

Reflexologists Invited to Help Ease Pain in Traditional Medical Settings

July 22nd, 2016 | complementary medicine

In 2006, the United States started to see a new holistic revival.  Consumers began to seek new and alternative ways of healing the body, mind, and soul. Following our European counterparts (where the trend was 50% accelerated in comparison to the US), more people were trying various alternative healing modalities such as Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, […]

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