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Where is Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui Speaking?

August 9th, 2015 | education
helen chin lui speaking

As part of Helen Chin Lui’s self-care and self-help health series she is excited to be sharing her knowledge at her upcoming fall 2015  presentations.. October 20 –  “Reflexology to Reduce or Eliminate Pain” to healthcare staff  at the Providence VA Medical Center. October 13 – “Get Out of the Bathroom and Back Into Life” […]

Healers’ Support Group

April 15th, 2015 | education

The Healing Place Medfield is so excited to host a monthly healers’ support group. You don’t need any prior knowledge to attend this meeting. This support group is for anyone who is a healer, wants to become a healer, is starting the journey of a healer, or needs support and information for either professional or […]

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