Why Do I Want to Start a Monthly Healer’s Group?

April 17th, 2015 | radio

Why do I want to start a monthly Healers’ Group? When I first became a professional healer in 2006, I WAS terrified. I knew I wanted to start a business, but at the time very few people knew what reflexology was and its benefits. On top of that, I started a business during a recession… […]

What is Reflexology? – Funky Mystic Radio Show Guest

April 6th, 2014 | radio

Did you miss Reflexologist and Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui’s interview with Keva Larthridge on Funky Mystic Radio on March 19th? Helen had a lot of fun talking to Keva about the many benefits of Reflexology and Energy Medicine. She goes into detail about how these ancient healing modalities have helped millions of people […]

Radio Show Guest, Helen Chin Lui on “Living with Hope”

November 24th, 2013 | radio

On November 11, 2013, I was a guest on “Living with Hope” with Trudy Thomas on blogtalkradio.com. The theme? How Reflexology can help people with chronic pain find long lasting relief.  I was asked if Reflexology can help to break the pain cycle of different variety of arthritis? I have also been very successful with helping people […]

Radio Show Guest, Helen Chin Lui for “Just Believe”

November 1st, 2013 | radio

What a great radio show on October 27, 2013. Helen Chin Lui, owner and the founder of the Healing Place was a guest on “Just Believe” with Lisa Tarves on blogtalkradio.com The theme today? Healing with Reflexology. Lisa and Helen talked about how reflexology can help with many health issues such as, chronic pain, digestive disorders, […]

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