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#Digestion Begins in the Mouth? #Reflexology #selfcare #PainRelief

September 17th, 2022 | chewing
digestion begins in the mouth

Eliminate Many Digestive Problems by Chewing Your Food Properly Digestion begins in the mouth through chewing, but too many of us rush through out meals without thoroughly chewing. When  chewing begins, the glands in the mouth and throat begins to secrete saliva. Saliva aids in digestion, keeps your mouth moist, fights infections entering your mouth […]

Do I Need to Chew 40 Times?

November 8th, 2019 | chewing
girl eating apple

Have you ever wonder why your mother used to tell you to chew your food all of the time? In most cases, your mother figured that you didn’t know how to chew your food, and she worried that you were going to choke. Choking may happen, but there are other health benefits to eating thoroughly. […]

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