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Video Premiere: Gassy Intestinal Relief with Body and Foot Reflexology, Feb 26, 2022, 11am EDT

February 25th, 2022 | digestive problem
stomach pain

Unrelenting Intestinal Gas My poor husband suffered from gassy intestinal late one night that felt as though an explosion went off in his GI tract. I did an emergency reflexology session at 2am. I decided to make this video to help you if you suffer from explosive and painful gassy intestines. Chronic Constipation Statistics The […]

AUDIO: Bill Clinton’s Digestive Problems Go Back to White House Years

March 29th, 2016 | digestive problem

“I never clog,” former president Bill Clinton told Politico last week in Las Vegas, attributing the digestive feat to his strictly vegan diet. However, ‘clogging’ is not the only digestive problem with which Clinton has had to deal, according to audio recordings obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Clinton became so flatulent at one point […]

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