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Take Back Your Health in 5 Ways – Health Mantra

July 9th, 2017 | love

To prepare for Certified Reflexologist and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui’s Facebook Live Chat on July 10 at 9:30am, EST here is a health mantra to accompany her live chat ” talk. Repeat this health mantra until you believe it in your soul and WANT to make positive changes in your life.

When I Loved Myself Enough – Poem by Kim McMillen

December 18th, 2016 | love

For many years I lived with a guarded heart. I did not know how to extend love and compassion to myself. In my fortieth year that began changing. As I grew to love all of who I am, life started changing in beautiful and mysterious ways. My heart softened and I began to see through […]

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