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Video: Reiki Healing Meditation for Joy, Laughter, and Appreciation

January 10th, 2021 | love
woman in blue put hands on gray shirt

Reiki Healing Meditation For Joy, Laughter, and Appreciation Instead of dwelling on what didn’t happen, lets take the time to be grateful. By being grateful is to be thankful, to appreciate, and recognize the good in everyone and everything no matter how small. This is also being mindful and aware of what goes on in […]

Valentine Day Can be a Day of Self-Love

February 12th, 2020 | love

Valentine Day Can be a Day of Self-Love Valentine’s Day is one of those days that you either observe with love or disdain. When my children were young, I would spend a tremendous amount of time making special foods for them and their dad. I would always make a special dinner and a chocolate cake […]

Take Back Your Health in 5 Ways – Health Mantra

July 9th, 2017 | love

To prepare for Certified Reflexologist and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui’s Facebook Live Chat on July 10 at 9:30am, EST here is a health mantra to accompany her live chat ” talk. Repeat this health mantra until you believe it in your soul and WANT to make positive changes in your life.

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