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Video: Reinventing Yourself with Energy Medicine

March 2nd, 2022 | mindfulness

Reinvent Yourself with Mindfulness Thank you for joining us, Reiki Masters Helen Chin Lui and Robin Bornstein of HealingPlaceEnergySchool.com. March 1, 2022 topic – Reinvent Yourself with Mindfulness. We are meant to live our life purpose, but instead, fear gets in the way of doing so. We overthink our life purpose, and instead of being […]

Relieve Anxiety With Mindfulness

February 13th, 2022 | mindfulness
peaceful flower

Using Mindfulness to Relieve Anxiety Mindfulness might not be the solution for everyone. Research has found that when you are able to create a little space between yourself and what you’re experiencing, your anxiety can soften. Beware. If you get too used to that underlying feeling of stress, it can gradually grow, creating a habit […]

Healthy Chakras Required For Physical and Emotional Health – Video Course

January 10th, 2022 | mindfulness
boy holding chakras

What are Chakras? All living things have seven energy centers along the length of their bodies called chakras. The word “chakra” has Hindu (Sanskrit) roots and means “wheel or disk.” As long as energy is flowing strongly, the body is healthy. When the chakra energy is interrupted or blocked, that area is at risk for […]

Creating Consistent Joy – Energy Medicine Tip

January 7th, 2022 | mindfulness

Creating Consistent Joy What creates joy and avoiding burnout are subjects I have been thinking about lately. What is joy? How do we obtain it, and how do I sustain it? There is so much pressure to create joy for everyone during the holidays that it becomes a competition. We compare ourselves to the staged […]

Toe Up For Reflexology for Anxiety and Stress Relief

December 20th, 2021 | mindfulness

Stress and Anxiety Relieving Foot Reflexology Healing Place has been seeing clients of all ages since 2006. We help people find relief from chronic anxiety, stress, digestive problems, chronic pain, and naturally balance hormones. On average, Healing Place can help break a pain cycle in 3 reflexology sessions. Ten-year-old Emma gave us a Toe-Up for […]

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