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Can you imagine in four #therapeutic #reflexology sessions you can break a #pain #cycle? It’s #relaxing & #noninvasive. #holistic #tiredofbeingsickandtired #healing call the #HealingplaceMedfield at 508-359-6463

June 22nd, 2017 | pain

Can you imagine in four #therapeutic #reflexology sessions you can break a #pain #cycle? It’s #relaxing & #noninvasive. #holistic #tiredofbeingsickandtired #healing call the #HealingplaceMedfield at 508-359-6463 tiredofbeingsickandtired pain noninvasive cycle healing holistic relaxing therapeutic healingplacemedfield reflexology Questions? Contact Us [vfb id=’1′]

Video: Acknowledge Your Emotions So That They Don’t Become Illnesses

April 2nd, 2017 | pain

A client asked me the other day what I thought are the primary causes of illnesses and diseases? My responses were – Not being aware of how we process our emotions and then pretend they do not exist. Not eating well enough to support good health Not moving the body and then our energy becomes […]

How do we condition ourselves to ignore pain? – FREE Facebook Live Chat, 9/19 8PM EST

September 12th, 2016 | pain

Many of us understand the physical symptoms of pain, but what about the emotional aspect of pain or pain that get stuck on a cellular level? We can control physical and emotional pain through medication or talk therapy. But what happens when the pain doesn’t go away and medication no longer work as well?

Desperate Plea for Digestive Pain Relief

May 23rd, 2016 | pain

I received a call from someone who was desperately looking for help with her digestive problem. She was in so much pain and wanted immediate help, so she started researching online and found the Healing Place. Without introducing herself, she went into her story and explained how much pain she was in and how she […]

What Can I do to Strengthen My Knees?

April 5th, 2016 | pain

I have clients coming for reflexology sessions for knee pain. Most of the times the pain originates from a lack of muscle tone due to inactivity or overuse. I suggest that they seek a doctor’s consultation what is the root of the pain. Sometimes it can be deterioration of muscles supporting the knee. If this […]

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