How is a Foot Rub Different from a Certified Reflexology Treatment?

Reflexology has become mainstream; people are curious about how reflexology can help them. Unfortunately, too many people confused about therapeutic reflexology with a foot massage. I want to clarify there is no comparison between a foot massage and a certified reflexology session.

Foot Massage Parlor

Foot massage is just that, a foot rub; while a reflexology session with a certified Reflexologist trained on foot anatomy and physiology will know how to palpitate vital reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears to encourage energy flow to promote healing. 

In the USA, a foot reflexology certificate training requires a minimal of 300 hours of training comprising of classroom studies, hands-on reflexology sessions, clinical work, and a written thesis. Some states require a combined massage and reflexology licensing.

From our research, foot massage parlors technicians are not trained reflexologists. Technicians are trained by the parlor owner in a show-like atmosphere with an emphasis on circulating energy flow and rubbing the feet. If the customers have questions about the treatments, many of the technicians do not speak English and can’t answer.


Interview a Reflexologist

If you would like to learn how reflexology can help you, schedule a consultation with a certified reflexologist. How do you know if they are certified? The first question to ask is, “How many hours of training have you had?” The answer is between 200-300 hours (the 300 hours became standard circa 2015.) 


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