The dictionary’s definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

In my work I have learned to listen to clients with empathy and without judgement. My experience has come from years of practicing how to hold the energy space for clients so that they feel safe enough to talk about their pain, and how to let it go so the body can heal.

As I listen, it sometimes pains me to listen to stories of sexual abuse, cancer, chronic pain, and infertility without getting emotional. As I listen, I look to my inner wisdom on how I can help the client to break their pain cycle.

I have learned how to “bullet proof” my emotions over the years so I remain an effective healer. I do my best to meet and help every client to meet their healing objectives. By reminding each person to accept who they are, and not what we can be, is the most important ingredient for “in this moment healing.”

I’ve also learned that I can’t help everyone, but I can always listen with compassion and empathy.


About the writer: Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine and Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield, MA. She specializes in helping adults and children to find long-lasting relief from chronic pain, digestive issues and heal hormonal imbalances naturally. For her free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Common Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You From Healingclick here.

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