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Reflexology Support Good Sleep

September 21st, 2019 | sleep

About the Writers Samantha Kent is a researcher for SleepHelp.org. Her favorite writing topic is how getting enough sleep can improve your life. Currently residing in Boise, Idaho, she sleeps in a California King bed, often with a cat on her face.    Written by Board Certified Reflexologist Karen Ball of Ancient Reflexology Academy in […]

Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop for Sleep, Anxiety and Mental Clarity

April 18th, 2016 | sleep

With Certified Aromatherapist, Erica Schveighoffer Healing Place, 50 North Street, Medfield, MA Monday, May 23, 6:30-8:30pm Have you ever wondered what essential oils are and how they can be incorporated into your life? If so, this workshop is for you! Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to promote health, well-being and longevity. […]

Do You Sleep 7 Hours a Night?

September 1st, 2015 | sleep

(Huffington) Diagnosing your sleep deprivation just got a whole lot easier. Recently the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society arrived at a consensus recommendation on just how much time adults between the ages of 18 and 60 need to log each night — and it turns out that seven hours of […]

Tips on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

August 25th, 2015 | sleep

(NewsUSA) – According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you have trouble falling and staying asleep at night, or you wake up feeling unrefreshed in the morning, you may be suffering from insomnia. Almost everyone has trouble sleeping every so often, but for many Americans having a hard time getting to sleep or waking in […]

What Essential Oils Can Ease Anxiety and Stress

August 21st, 2015 | sleep

For people struggling with chronic stress, everyday anxiety is an all too common problem. To help lessen your worries and unwind your mind, it’s crucial to take steps like practicing mind/body techniques (such as meditation) and talking to a mental health professional. There’s also some research showing that the scent of aromatherapy essential oils may […]

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