Everyone has passion. What is it and how do you live your passion everyday is the question.  Most of us have no idea what our passions are, because we are too busy trying to get through the day. We just don’t have time to examine what they are. Or we are way over our heads and don’t deserve to live our passion or we are too fearful.

Just when we think we know what our passions are, they change due to outside influences. Instead of following your heart and your internal compass we ask for advice and guidance.  We get confused and don’t know which way to go. Our passion loses its way.

We want to hire the “experts” because they seem to know what direction you should go to find your passion, but do they REALLY? Instead take the time to listen to your quiet voice within and you will hear the answers. Take a minute out today and sit quietly, and you may find the answer. Your path will show you your passion.

Most people know the answers before they ask. Have faith and trust that you know what your passion is, and go out and live it every day.

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