(NewsUSA) – The holiday season is when we finally spend precious time visiting family and friends, some of whom we haven’t seen since last Christmas. And of course, we want to look our best.
Research studies say that the first thing we notice about someone is their smile. More importantly, psychologists tell us that whiter teeth broadcast youthful, vibrant health — something we definitely want to announce to others. When most people see yellow teeth they think about old age. A dingy smile can add 10 years to your appearance.


However, for some adults, maintaining a healthy smile can lead to expensive dental bills. Or worse yet, resorting to the cheaper whitening products at retail stores can cause some pain and discomfort.
Well, Dr. Harold Katz, an actual “Dentist to the Stars,” has been able to create a very simple-to-use home kit that combines his professional-strength teeth whitening formula with natural desensitizers. The end result is a brilliant smile with no sensitivity. The secret formula that he uses at his Beverly Hills clinic is also available at www.therabreath.com/teeth-whitening/.
Dr. Katz even created a whitening pen that brightens teeth with a bleaching gel after a few sessions. Simply paint the FDA-approved whitening gel on the surface of your teeth, let it dry, and soon you’ll be ready for the most glamorous holiday parties — including the accompanying pictures.
See other dentist-approved tips to keep your teeth glowing at Christmas despite the abundance of rich foods and sweet treats.
* Eat sweets with large, well-balanced meals. The body produces more saliva to digest large meals than it does for a snack. The more saliva, the easier it is to wash away food and neutralize harmful acids that will attack your teeth.
* Avoid chewy treats. Sticky foods that take awhile to chew often damage teeth because the acids are stuck against teeth longer than with other foods. In addition to gummy fruit snacks, that includes dried fruit like raisins.
* Rinse with water after eating acidic foods and drinks. If you indulge in some wine or citrus fruit, rinse your mouth out with water before brushing your teeth to prevent enamel erosion.

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