These cool chakra bracelets were just added to the #HealingPlaceMedfield store. They have stretched elastic.. No need to measure to fit. Each $18 plus tax. They are meant to be stacked. Let me know if you would like for me to set aside one for you.

1st chakra – relaxed and balanced – Qinchai Jade
2nd chakra – courage and protection – Fire agate
2nd or 3th chakra – success, prosperity – Adventurine5th chakra – efficiency and communication – Sodalite
3rd chakra – prosperity and financial healing – New Jade
4th chakra – self love, heal emotions – Ocean Jasper
5th chakra – grace and decrease anxiety – Rhodonite
6th chakra – invigorates mind & body – Red Carnelian
7th chakra – peace and tranquility- Blue Agate
To order, call 508 359-6463

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