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KNOW YOUR CHAKRAS -Introduction to Energy Medicine by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui
It’s Time to Reclaim Your Powerful Energy!

Everyone can break out of their stuck cycle, but somewhere along the way we have either forgotten how to or were never taught! Instead, the typical solution is to ignore our problems and hope that they go away. What happens when they don’t go away and begin to pile up? Inner turmoil begins, ricocheting between excessive and deficient energy flow.

You can transform your life from one of doubt, worry and fear to one of happiness and fulfillment. Choose to LIVE in harmony.
You can make profound and significant life changes!

Just imagine! You can consistently:
-Feel good about yourself and the things you do
-Have your needs met
-Radiate positive energy with a high vibration
-Be socially engaging
-Manage your stress
-Have healthy work and personal boundaries
-Be a magnet for positive changes
-Be balanced “Helen Chin Lui has demystified the chakra jargon. She has provided a practical and concrete guide to explain and executive healing energy and love yourself.” – Cythnia Small
Know Your Chakras!
Learn about your energy in nine powerful, easy to understand lessons and then use this knowledge for a balanced, peaceful and joyful life. As a bonus to support your transformation, this book also includes:
-Nine homework assignments
-Nine healing meditations (with audio links)
-Activities to develop your mindfulness
-Mantras to shift your vibration
-Inspirations to keep you going

Everyone deserves to live a balance and happy life. It can be done by being mindful, proactive, and shifting your energy to a higher vibration.
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