Another reader who loves my book “Know Your Chakras” “On my journey to a healthier life, this book has helped immensely. I enjoy the meditations included and the information is eye opening! Helen Chin Lui has made it easy to understand energy and how it relates to me & others around me. Worth reading all day long!” Thank you for the review!
Know Your Chakras by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui
Reclaim your powerful energy with Know Your Chakras! Just imagine breaking the cycle of negativity to attract good physical and emotional health while reconnecting to your spirit? What is best, it can done within a short amount of time! Check out Know Your Chakras by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Helen Chin Lui on #energymedicine #energyhealing #mindfulness #reflexology #abundance #peace #mindbodyspirit #chakras #healingplaceenergyschool #healingplacemedfield
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