What Cause an Energy imbalance in the Feet? – Plantar Fasciitis Relief
Last Sunday Helen Chin Lui shared a plantar fasciitis pain relief technique to help find relief!! (https://www.facebook.com/healingplacemedfield/videos/10155948161213221/). At the time she wanted to talk about what cause an energy balance in the feet or the first chakra, but she ran out of time. She truly believes in order to fully heal, one needs to heal from the body, mind and soul levels. If you don’t know which dots didn’t connect, the problem can reoccur over and over. Frustrations!
If she can today, either between seeing clients or even tonight, she can share insights what causes an energy imbalance in the hips, legs and feet and what you can do to heal.
This is all about Know Your Energy – Introduction to Energy Medicine.
Are you up for this???
#chakrabalancing #knowYourEnergy #chakras

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