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Get A Full-Body Reflexology Treatment Just By Taking Off Your Socks

January 17th, 2021 | Alternative Medicine
ink on feet

You’ve made space in your schedule for self care, and now are contemplating how best to fill it. Here are three reasons to try Reflexology therapy-.

Video: Tinnitus Relief with Foot, Hand, and Ear Reflexology

November 18th, 2020 | Alternative Medicine
ear reflexology model

Ten percent of American adults suffer from Tinnitus, a condition that causes sufferers to hear constant phantom noises in the ears, can be described as ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing, clicking, or whooshing.

Support Your Immune System and Digestive Health with Fire Cider Vinegar

October 26th, 2020 | Alternative Medicine
orange, red, green, yellow peppers

The many benefits to taking fire cider vinegar as a preventive and especially when you feel a cold coming on.

Video: Support Kidney and Urinary Functions with Reflexology

October 14th, 2020 | Alternative Medicine
woman in black touching feet

Support Kidney and Urinary Functions with Reflexology Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui gets constant inquiries about how to quiet the pain associated with digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, and balances hormones naturally through her various social media and direct contact.  Recently, Helen gave a client a foot reflexology session; the client didn’t feel well and decided […]

Video: Hand Reflexology for Sinus and Post Nasal Drip Relief

September 30th, 2020 | Alternative Medicine
blowing nose with tissue

Hand Reflexology for Sinus and Post Nasal Drip Relief One of the adjustments to seasonal changes is seasonal allergies. The biggest allergy trigger in the fall is Ragweed. Cool autumn air harbors allergens from trees and grasses through not only the fall months, also the spring and summer months.  Allergens can enter into the eyes, […]

How Seasonal Changes Can Affect Your Health

September 27th, 2020 | Alternative Medicine
trees in sunlight

Your Qi is constantly adjusting itself to match earth’s frequency. Frequency can fluctuate and moves quicker in the warmer weather and slower in the cold. Some people are very or overly sensitive to the seasonal changes. These adjustments can have a negative impact on the body, can cause illness and can make one feel unbalanced.

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