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Acknowledge Your Emotions So That They Don’t Become Illnesses

December 30th, 2019 | Alternative Medicine
man in pain

A client asked me the other day what I thought are the primary causes of illnesses and diseases?

Kidney Support – Foot Reflexology Tip

November 4th, 2019 | Alternative Medicine
pressing on foot reflexology

New Research Says Physical Pain Is Directly Connected To Emotional Stress And Trauma

September 28th, 2019 | Alternative Medicine

New Research Says Physical Pain Is Directly Connected To Emotional Stress And Trauma New studies have found that the source of your chronic pain may very well be caused by stress and emotional trauma and not a physical injury. Chronic pain is characterized by physical pain that lasts longer than the natural healing process would […]

Holistic Tools to Defuse Stress and Anxiety

August 23rd, 2019 | Alternative Medicine

Holistic Tools to Defuse Stress and Anxiety Everyone has stress and anxiety; how you manage your stress is a choice. We can quickly become overwhelmed with every day living. I am no different from anyone else. The only difference, most times, I am aware when I am entering into a stress and anxiety zone. To […]

Holistic Care Today

July 28th, 2019 | Alternative Medicine

Holistic Care Today Holistic care is the emphasis of overall well-being (both physical and emotional), with an emphasis on maintaining health, not just curing ailments. Allopathic medicine aims to combat disease by using remedies (such as drugs or surgery), whereas osteopathy takes a holistic perspective on the practice of medicine. It’s based on the theory […]

Healing Place Customizes Healing Programs for Clients

June 20th, 2019 | Alternative Medicine

The Healing Place Medfield offers customized healing packages for those who are seriously committed to addressing their health issues or want to incorporate holistic practices into their wellness program. The Healing Place specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive issues, chronic pain and balance hormones naturally. We find most clients not only have chronic digestive […]

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