December 11th, 2012 | Written by Diana Khoury

Reflexology will move forward as an approach to women’s health care and wellness issues, thanks to a recently passed resolution by the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL). The group’s resolution, part of their Women’s Health Initiative, encourages state and national organizations to join them in supporting reflexology, “as part of a holistic, comprehensive, and patient-centered approach to care.”

The resolution was brought to the NFWL by reflexologists Paul Harvey, Christine Issel,  and Bill Flocco.

Paul, Chris, and Bill worked for three years to bring about the passage of this resolution. The opportunity came about when a reflexologist met one of the NFWL leaders through his practice. This led to invitations to NFWL events where women legislators could experience the benefits of reflexology. The events were held in Florida, Iowa and Georgia and allowed reflexologists in those states to join in the effort.

Paul, Chris, Bill plus the reflexologists who attended and worked the state events spent hundreds of hours in total seeing the process through to completion. The resolution has a strong impact as it will significantly aid in our continued discussions on the legislative level.

This information was provided by the American Reflexology Certification Board.

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