Each of the main chakras look like a funnel (just image, the points of two ice cream cones are touching). One funnel points to the back of the body and the other funnel points to the front of the body. The narrow points of the chakras are connected in the middle of the spinal column. Sometimes chakras are referred to looking like lotus flowers.

The chakras located in front of the body operate from your emotions. The chakras located in your back operate from your will. When chakras are balanced, they are operated evenly from your emotions and your will.

People who operate from their “emotional” chakras are usually emotionally excessive. People who operate from their “will” chakras are usually headstrong and forceful. They are the ones who make “things” happen regardless of whether they are realistic or not.  Balanced chakras  colors are bright.(first charka – red, second chakra – orange,  third chakra – yellow,  fourth chakra – green, fifth chakra – light blue, sixth chakra – dark blue and seventh chakra – indigo purple)  Healthy chakras rotate clockwise and balanced. Unhealthy chakras rotate counterclock wise and the size of the front and back chakras can look disproportionate instead of balanced.

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